Nation of Cowards

Racism is a sensitive subject in the United States. Although most Americans are conscious about it, they choose not to talk about it whatsoever. In his video speech, the former American Attorney General, Eric Holder points out a couple of issues that indicate racism exists, is a topic evaded by most Americans, and citizens do not take the necessary steps to deal with it.

First, Eric Holder brings to our attention the significance of the historical experience of black people in understanding America as a country. He laments that irrespective of the importance of black history in the state, it does not get equal treatment by the Americans and specifically by the education institutions. To Holder, this disregard to black history thwarts the efforts to fight racism in that the nation fails to confront its racial past. Today, populations are more globalized and barely interested in their history.

Second, Holder observes that although race-related issues dominate a substantial portion of America’s political discussions, citizens do not feel at ease to talk about it with each other. To Holder, this is cowardice. To make any progress towards addressing racism, Holder proposes that the population should be comfortable with each other, tolerant, and must hold useful talks on racial matters that divide them. He says that the department of justice, lead by him should initiate the process. In the modern United States, race-related political topics such as immigration and repatriation dominate the news, yet the natives and the immigrants fail to be sincere with each other and talk.

Third, Holder criticizes the Americans’ interactions as having limitations. He observes that Americans of various races interact freely in workplaces and during lunch, but outside the workplaces, the socialization becomes unfriendly. On weekends, when interactions among races are minimal, he likens America to a country that got her independence fifty years ago. This situation is discouraging considering all that the United States went through during the civil war struggle that was meant to develop a favorable race consciousness and prosperous nation. Today, different races do not socialize freely, and only do so in workplaces and during events such as games especially when they belong to the same team.

Four, Holder recommends February to be the month when races hold a dialogue on racism matters. Besides commemorating black history, this period will help initiate discussions that will help people talk about racism fearlessly. Consequently, the state will make a significant step towards achieving a racism-free population.

In conclusion, the video indicates that racism is evident in the United States. The Americans do not like discussing racism issues. Holder recommends February for dialogue on racism issues.


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