Netherlands view on the Brexit

England has for a while now been pushing to leave the European Union with the famous Brexit. For the Netherlands this will have an effect on its economy as the finance ministry of the Netherlands stated it where he requested the country to be prepared for the consequences. For long the European Union has been a uniting among the countries in Europe whereby it has been enabling a free-flowing trade among its members. Britain threatening to leave the union will mean that a gap will be left that will never be filled and the British allies will suffer where the Netherlands is one of them (Schaverien, 2019).

Many Netherlands companies benefit very much from the trading activities from Britain. In terms of figure, the Dutch economy could lose out on 10 billion euros, or $11.3 billion if Britains request to leave the European Union is approved. This will be a huge hit, and it is one of the primary reasons as to why the Dutch government is advocating for a no deal Brexit affair. It also wants the clause that gives countries from the European Union a chance to decide whether to leave the union abolished. The clause according to the Netherlands government officials should be replaced by a clause whereby if you enter the union there is no going back

Lastly, the Netherlands is one of the many European countries that face the menace that may come as a result of Brexit. International ties and business are the key activities that help in the growth of the economy of any particular country. Dutch have powerful ties with the British companies economically means that a drop in the country's GDP would be experienced in case the Brexit happens (Schaverien, 2019). However, there is some green light at the end of the tunnel whereby the deal does not seem likely to go through because its already two yea

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