New York Times Articles versus The Guardian News Articles

News coverage is one of the essential aspects of the new current world. Therefore there is a need for this news to reach a different audience. For an article to provide reliable communication to people, it must, therefore, give a detailed report on the issue it’s reporting about. Therefore these articles try to expose this news to the audience. This paper, therefore, will try to explain how these articles present news to different people. Examples of these articles include new york times and the guardian.

The articles address news including war and many other current issues. It has been reported that war has been a common problem affecting the far east countries like Pakistan and Syria. Therefore most people are interested in knowing the causes of conflict in these countries. In new york times article the writer tries to explain the incidences of conflict in Pakistan. He identifies how the recent war started, by giving a detailed explanation and capturing the pictures of the scenes. He further interviews on how to provide solutions to the conflict between India and Pakistan. In the Guardian news article, the writer also explains both the causes of war, and he further gives us a more clear picture by providing the report with a map to provide us with a more clear understanding.

In comparison, both the new york times and the guardian both provide a more detailed report about the occurrence of an incidence. They all use a pictorial presentation to give us a more clear picture to make the understanding of the news. Contrary, the guardian news article provides with a map to enable the reader to locate the affected regions easily.

The Guardian news article, therefore, is more effective in addressing issues than the new york times news. Apart from just giving a detailed response to a problem like war, it provides with a map to enable one to understand the concept easily. Therefore it can help one easily visualize and have precise information on the affected places.

In conclusion, different news articles provide with news concerning various issues. Therefore there is a need for one to identify the best piece to use, which will give a part of more reliable information. I, therefore, recommend that the guardian’s news articles provides with more detailed information concerning an issue it’s reporting on

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