Non-monetary ways to motivate employees

The most common way to motivate employees has always been through monetary appreciation. It could either be through a raise, bonus or paid vacation time (Závadský, Hitka & Potkány, 2015).  However, employees can also become motivated through nonmonetary ways as described below.

The management should include the opinions of the employees in their vision such that the employees feel like part of the organization. They will, therefore, work towards the achievement of the commonly shared goals while at the same time enhancing the performance of the organization. Assigning the leadership roles to the employees also enhances their participation as they get the first-hand experience of what being a manager entails (Závadský et al., 2015). Through the experience, they understand the challenges their managers undergo to ensure the success of an organization hence will become better individuals who are productive in the organization. They will try as much as possible.

The organization should reward their hardworking employees by giving them some time to work from home for a few hours within the week or even allow them to leave a bit early towards the end of the week on days like Friday. It is essential in motivating employees primarily in the modern era when all employees want to work from their homes because working from home enables them to cherish a balanced life (Závadský et al., 2015). Allowing the employees to leave early on certain days of the week encourages them to work faster to complete their tasks. There are many occasions when the employee has completed their responsibilities and feels bored to continue staying because it is a waste of time to wait for the day to pass. However, if the quality of work done by the employee’s declines, the advantages can be overturned but if the conditions remain the same and the employee remains steadfast in their responsibilities, then they can be given more flexible schedules.



Závadský, J., Hitka, M., & Potkány, M. (2015). Changes in employee motivation of Slovak enterprises due to the global economic crisis.

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