NR228 Week 2 Nutritional Assessment: Team Charter (Version 1)

NR228 Week 2 Nutritional Assessment: Team Charter (Version 1)

Successful teams begin with guidelines that help to manage their work. For this class, you and your teammates will create a set of rules called a Team Charter.

  1. As a team, complete all the sections listed below to build your team charter.
  2. One member of each team will be designated as the team leader.
    1. ALL team members and will be responsible for submitting the team charter document to their own dropbox by Friday, at 1159 p. m. (MT) of Unit 2 (or as directed by your instructor for campus students).
    2. The team leader will submit the final team charter to the Team Collaboration discussion area (in addition to his/her own individual dropbox).
    3. The team leader will also be solely responsible for uploading the final team presentation.
  3. All team members will indicate agreement on the charter by initialing understanding of the information within the charter.Although there is no point value for this assignment, it is a required part of the assignment.


Section I: Team Member Skill Inventory

Section II:  Work Plan
Section III: Conflict Management

Section IV: Team Goals

Section V: Project Plan

Section VI. Emergency Contact Information: