Nr601 Week 1: Discussion Board – Polypharmacy

Nr601 Week 1: Discussion Board – Polypharmacy


The purpose of student discussions is to provide the opportunity for deeper understanding of polypharmacy


Activity Learning Outcomes

Through this discussion, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Summarize the different polypharmacy definitions found within the literature. (WO1.5) (CO1)
  2. Discuss polypharmacy risk factors (WO1.5) (CO1)
  3. Explain thee actions steps for polypharmacy prevention (WO1.5) (CO1, 7)


Due Date: 

The initial posting to the graded collaborative discussions is due by Wednesday, 11:59 p.m. MT.

Peer responses and responses to faculty must be posted prior to the week deadline of Sunday 11:59 MT.

A 10% late penalty will be imposed for discussions posted after the deadline on Wednesday, regardless of the number of days late. NOTHING will be accepted after 11:59pm MT on Sunday (i.e. student will receive an automatic 0).


Total Points Possible: 

50 points



Your initial discussion post should include the following:

  1. Identify and discuss 2-3 definitions of polypharmacy (there are multiple definitions). Your textbook can count as 1 reference. You must also include an additional reference from an evidence-based practice journal article or national guideline.
  2. Identify three risk factors that can lead to polypharmacy. Explain the rationale for why each listed item is a risk factor. Risk factors are different than adverse drug reactions.ADRs can be a result of polypharmacy, and is important, but ADRs are not a risk factor.
  3. Explore three action steps that a provider can take to prevent polypharmacy.
  4. Provide an example of how your clinical preceptors have addressed polypharmacy.