NR631 Week 7 Risk Management and Human Resource Management Plans

NR631 Week 7 Risk Management and Human Resource Management Plans


The process of project management has five phases:(1) design and initiation, which you just completed;(2) finalizing your plan before implementation, which you will do now; (3) implementation;(4) monitor and control; and finally, (5) evaluation and lessons learned (as well as knowledge transfer).


During Phase 2 (finalizing the project plan), you will continue to create the tools and documents you will need when you implement your project as the project manager in Phase 3.


Week 4: Communications Plan

Week5: Deliverables and Critical SuccessFactors (CSFs)

Week6:WorkBreakdown Structure(WBS) andGanttChart

Week7:RiskManagementandHumanResource Management Plans


In thisassignment, studentsdocument, track, and manage a project’s risks and use of human resources. The risk management will be accomplishedby using a risk registerchart.

Using the risk registeris a way to identify, document, and manage all the risks associated with a project. The chart details provide an easy way to scan for level of risk, status, potential responses, who is responsible for the risk in addition to the project manager, or other details needed to manage the risk. This is a great way to keep everyone informed when this document is presented at the weekly team meetings and in communication with all stakeholders.

Another key tool is called theRACI chart,which helps you identify who is responsible, accountable, consulted, or informed for each major project task. The RACI chart will help manage and track use of human resources; this facilitates monitoring and controland provides one means of communication. It documents and makes clear who is responsible for bringing the task to completion, on timeand on budget