Nuclear Testing Questions

Nuclear Testing Questions

Do we really need these numerous nuclear testing?

What is behind the heightened nuclear testing across the world?

Is there anything substantive that can be done to reduce the increased nuclear tests?

The entire world should wake up and face the reality of the numerous catastrophic nuclear testing that has been happening. Having over 2,503 nuclear tests in less than 100 years, it means that on average, each year has been experiencing over 20 nuclear tests. I believe that these nuclear tests are in bad faith since they tend to contradict different treaties such as 1963 and 1996 Test Ban Treaties that prohibit such tests anywhere.  This, therefore, tells us that countries are up to the task preparing for the worst through these nuclear tests a year in year out despite the adverse effects we have experienced. The results of these nuclear are apparent and more harmful than what we expect the nuclear bombs to cause when they finally occur. The areas where tests are done completely inhabitable for either people or animals and the involve costs is just another tragedy.

The continued testing of these nuclear weapons seems to be behind the sophistication in the area of developing these weapons. If I can say, it is now something like competition among countries on how to up their games on new strategies to either develop, deliver or meet their target in case these weapons needed to be used. We have seen new terms coming up trying to define what is what concerning all these stories about the nuclear weapon. These definitions tend to explain either the contents used in nuclear development and the related ideas behind such development. It extends to the way these weapons are finally delivered and the numerous forms of delivery. I find this kind of competition is what is worsening the world reaction regarding nuclear weapons and something should be done.

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