NUR 502 Week 8 Assignment: Benchmark – Applying Theory to a Practice Problem – Part 3

NUR 502 Week 8 Assignment: Benchmark – Applying Theory to a Practice Problem – Part 3

Part 3: Application of Borrowed Theory to Problem and Conclusion


It is important to understand how borrowed theory can help you in your everyday environment as a nurse. In the previous assignment, you identified a practical problem that emerged from the evidence in the extant literature or professional practice, and you explored how middle-range theory could be applied to solve the problem. In this assignment, you will explore and apply borrowed theory to solve the specific problem that you identified previously, and you will synthesize the applications of the middle-range theory and the borrowed theory into the most appropriate solution to the problem.


Consider the problem that you described in the previous assignments and the instructor feedback about those assignments.

Write a paper (1,750 to 2,000 words) that describes how borrowed theory can be applied to the identified problem. The paper should include the following:

  1. A brief summary of the problem including the potential middle-range theory that could be applied.
  2. A description of a borrowed theory that could be applied to the problem. Is this borrowed theory appropriate to your identified problem?
  3. A brief history of the borrowed theory’s origins.
  4. A discussion of how the borrowed theory has been previously applied.
  5. A discussion of the application of the borrowed theory to the identified problem. How would you practice change by incorporating this theory?
  6. A discussion of how application of both the borrowed theory and the middle-range theory can be integrated to create the most appropriate solution to the identified problem.

What is in the Assignment?

⚡ Topic Title: Applying Borrowed Theory to Missed Appointments

  • Utilizing Borrowed Theory for Missed Appointments
  • Albert Bandura and the Background of His Theories
  • Previous Application of Bandura’s Theories
  • Applying Bandura’s Theories to Missed Appointments
  • The Blending of Nursing and Borrowed Theories
  • Conclusion
  • References