(Solved) NURS 344 – Disaster Medicine: Discussion Forum – Personal Reflection

(Solved) NURS 344 – Disaster Medicine: Discussion Forum – Personal Reflection


Reflection is a method of thinking deeply. It allows us to ponder not only that which is obvious to our senses, but all layers of the event, even to the possible intangibles. At least three (3) of the following aspects of the event, should be used for the best possible grade:

  • physical [injuries, death],
  • emotional [fear, loneliness, helplessness, etc.],
  • spiritual [corporate worship, individual],
  • environmental [human diversity, structures, access, etc.],
  • various obligations [school, work, family care, etc.],
  • and financial

(Bogo, etal., 2011).


Option 1: Recollect a disaster or mass casualty incident that personally affected you (ie: you, your family, or your friends). If this is too painful for you to revisit, you may choose option two.


Option 2: If this has never occurred in your life, please consider a disaster or mass casualty incident that you are aware of by way of significant media/news exposure.

The subject matter may be recent or in the past. To refresh your memory, feel free to read old newspaper or internet reports. You must respond to all six (6) points below, and you must include at least 3 of the aspects mentioned in the Overview.

  1. Describe what happened.
  2. What were your thoughts and feelings as you lived the situation? (actual or vicariously)
  3. What three (3 or more) aspects emerged throughout the event? (refer to the Overview above)
  4. What did you learn about yourself or the event? (or those directly affected)
  5. Why was the experience important to you?
  6. Choose one thing you think would be helpful to those involved in the experience.


     This Discussion Forum (DF) differs from what you are used to in the RN-BSN program. No references are ‘required’ (unless they apply), for this ‘one’ DF (see below). Something that has not changed is the skillful construction of your sentences, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and how well you spoke to the six (6) points above, and interjected at least three (3) of the possible aspects of the event (also shown above).

This is a personal reflection and therefore, citations and references are not required. (However, citations and references are required “if” you are actually referring to someone else’s ideas. Ie: If you “quote” someone or use their “thoughts” about the event even in a newspaper, it is their idea.) Your response must be typed or copied and pasted directly into the discussion thread.  The maximum word limit is 400). Please double space between paragraphs but do NOT use double spacing or indentions throughout your writing. No file can be uploaded. APA format “will” be graded if it exists.

The same criteria concerning a personal reflection from the above paragraph, applies to thesecondary posting. Your postings in response to your peers should be concise but facilitate a lively dialogue on the topic being discussed. Do NOT simply repeat information from your initial posting or your peer’s posting. The maximum word limit is 200. Please double space between paragraphs but do NOT use double spacing or indents throughout. APA format “will” be graded if it exists.


  1. Bogo, C. Regehr, E. Katz, C. Logie& M. Mylopoulos (2011).  Developing a tool for assessing students’ reflections on their practice. Social Work Education. 30 (2), 186-194.  DOI: 10.1080/02615479.2011.540392



Las Vegas Mass Shooting

This mass causality incident involved a mass shooting in Las Vegas. This was in Route 91 Harvest music festival in Nevada. The shooting involved a 64 year old man who fired more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition. The man shot himself after the undertaking hence the motive behind the shooting has never been established.

My thoughts and feelings were all over the moment I saw [cmppp_restricted] the breaking news since I had a friend living in the area, and she had told me that she was attending the concert given that she is a lover of country music. I could not reach her on phone, and this made things worse given that she was a close friend.

The aspects that emerged from this event included injuries, death, fear, helplessness and human diversity. 58 people died and close to 900 people were injured; more than  400 were injured by the bullets while the others it was as a result of the commotion that followed as people were running for their lives (Cole, 2019). Fear engulfed friends and families of the people that were there since they did not know their condition. Helplessness arose like in my case where I could not reach my friend hence did not know her state. Human diversity came along the lines of racial diversity due to the debates that ensued on this aspect after the incident.

I learned that this mass shooting hit me more than any other that had occurred before since it was the closest I have ever been to an active shooter situation since I knew my friend was at the event. I was constantly refreshing my twitter feed as the information kept pouring in by the second. My mind was blur, and I never thought I could get that emotional.

The experience was important to me since I got the understanding of how it feels to have someone that you love get involved with such an ordeal. This will help me to relate appropriately with someone that has had such an experience.

My friend was safe, but other innocent people encountered the tragedy. For those who sustained injuries, and those that lost their loved ones , it must have been a traumatic experience. As a result, it would be good to open a center that would provide them with the relevant counseling and any other form of support.




Cole, B. (2019). Three friends who survived Gilroy Festival shooting also escaped Las Vegas mass shooting two years earlier. Retrieved 30 October 2019, from https://www.newsweek.com/gilroy-las-vegas-shooting-1452073 [/cmppp_restricted]