Nursing Practice Interview

The following is an interview between the Nurse Leader of St. Michael Hospital and I aiming to understand the nursing theory in practice followed by the institution. Additionally, there will be interviewing of a staff nurse to know whether their leader supports them.

Question 1: Which nursing theory do you use at your hospital and can you briefly tell me about the concept?

Nurse Leader: The nursing theory followed for practice here at St. Michael Hospital is known as Transcultural Nursing Theory. According to Madeleine Leininger the theorist of the concept, care is the necessity of nursing and the distinctive, dominant and unifying feature. Madeleine indicates that there cannot be a cure without caring although caring can occur with curing. Transcultural nursing theory is termed as a comparative studying of cultures in understanding differences and similarities across human groups (Vasfiye, 2018). Therefore, healthcare personnel should work towards understanding care, beliefs, values, and lifestyle for different cultures which forms the basis for culture-specific care provision.

Question 2: Does the transcultural nursing theory guide nursing practice?

Nurse Leader: First, theories have been developed in nursing for an explanation of a phenomenon which is essential to clinical practice. For instance, the use of transcultural nursing theory in our hospital helps in guiding nursing practice because it assists in data organization, understanding and analyzing patient information as well as making suitable decisions interrelated to nursing interventions.



Question 3: Does the transcultural nursing theory guide the practice of other healthcare team members?

Nurse Leader:  In my opinion, transcultural nursing theory guides the practice for all other healthcare team members. The approach uses the concept of race, culture, and ethnicity in understanding human behavior. Also, the nursing profession wh

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