Nursing Practicum

The nursing profession requires caregivers who are proactive and determined to take the team to the next level. Nurses are involved in almost every department in the health facility. This is a heavy duty profession, and to avoid workload and burnout, it is essential to have mentors. According to Parker (2017), “teachers need to talk about their inner lives so that they can grow together.” I think the quote highlights the importance of moving forward as a team, and not individually. Some of the teachers are afraid of sharing their ideas or suffering because they think it is personal, which is not the case. Mentoring colleagues is one of the valued facts about a profession because supporters determine how the next generation will be operating.

Furthermore, “good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher” (Pescosolido & Aminzade, 1999).  Thus, excellent connectedness enhances the support that teachers give to each other. The connection of good mentors is held in their heart. They make sure that they bond with their subjects, students, and colleagues. In nursing, mentors play essential roles in modeling the caregivers to acquire knowledge and skills. Application of theoretical work may be difficult for the students. Thus, learners need to be mentored and slowly introduced to their profession. This reduces tension among them, creating more relationship with other caregivers on the ground.

Lastly, teaching and mentorship require sacrifice and commitment based on shared goals. Thus, mentors need to support each other during hard times. It is essential to discuss and sort out fundamental problems that might be frustrating other’s integrity. Unity among the mentors is crucial for their success.




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