Nursing Theory and Concepts

Fundamentally, theories are an integral part of nursing as they act as the storehouse for essential findings in the research process that relates to the meta-definitive concepts in nursing, as illustrated by different researchers and healthcare practitioners. In essence, nursing theory is used to provide the principles that help in generating nursing knowledge as well as underpinning practice. As such, a theory explains, describes, predicts, and helps researchers understand the givenphenomenon (Gomez, 2016). For instance, in nursing conceptsare derived are from conceptual models which are a representation of systems and are used to assistnurses in gaining knowledge, simulating and understanding a phenomenon represented in a particular model. Therefore, nursing researchers use concepts to place variousresearch findings within the contexts of science, tocreate an organized structure for their studies, and guide hypothesis development and testing.

The need theory whose chief proponent is Virginia Henderson has four significant conceptsthat support nursing care (Colwell, 2015). According to the need theory, the ultimate role of a nurse is to assist clients ill or well, in the performance of activities that contribute to health or recovery. The proponent of this theory emphasizedthe significance of enhancing a patient’s independence so that the patient can continue to heal even after hospitalization (Doroszkiewicz, Sierakowska, &Muszalik, 2018). As such a nurses' role is substitutive, supplementary, and complementary with the goal of assisting an individual to become independent. Henderson categorized nursing activities in 14 components and four major concepts based on human needs. The conceptsof the need theory include environment, nursing, health, and individual.

At an individual level, a nurse should ensure that a patient receives basic needs as a component of health. Secondly, a patient needs assistance to acquire independence, recovery or a peaceful death. Thirdly, a person’s body and mind are int

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