Nutrienergy Cereal Marketing Plan

Nutrienergy Cereal Marketing Plan





Executive Summary

The product, Nutrieneregy Cereal meets the needs of health-conscious consumers. The cereal is packed with fruits and supplements that will boost the customer’s health. In addition to being healthy, the brand is also easy to prepare given the hectic mornings that American households experience daily. Forthwith, any health-conscious, regardless of race, age or gender can enjoy the nutritious breakfast that the body deserves. Nutrienergy Cereal is the breakfast solution to anyone that is mindful of what he/she eats.

Nutrienergy will excel in the market because of its properties. In the wake of health-caution, Nutrienergy gives consumers a blend of convenience, taste, and nutrition, which is a rare find. Moreover, the product will be packaged with the highest standards to ensure food safety. Concerning the ingredients, only the best wheat, fruits, and supplements will be used in the manufacturing process. For its health benefits and convenience, Nutrienergy will succeed in the market.




Situation Analysis

Competitive Environment

Issues beyond its control plague the cereal industry. Firstly, the government has tightened regulation concerning the packaging of products, calling for more transparency regarding the ingredients used. Manufacturers have to highlight the actual nutritional value and be honest about the raw materials used. Moreover, the government dictates the cost margin of the products to protect consumers. Correspondingly, consumer awareness is shaping how foods are processed. Buyers want healthier options, convenient packaging, and low prices. Given the demanding careers and schedules that people have, it is vital for people to have a breakfast meal that they can grab on the go. With a steady economy, many households can afford cereals for breakfast. Environmentally, the raw materials are expensive. With the climatic change, food shortage affects the price of the raw products, which increase the cost of the cereals. External forces regulate the cereal industry that it cannot control.

Comparatively, there are competitors for Nutrienergy Cereal. The US cereal market is flooded with cereal brands from worthy rivals. Large companies like Procter and Gamble, Kellogg, Weetabix Limited, Bob’s Red Mill, General Mills, and Kashi have similar products that have dominated the market. These brands also have a wide variety of cereals, thus, appeasing a large customer base. Moreover, these items are competitively priced, leaving little price advantage for the Nutrienergy brand. Correspondingly, outside the market, there is a lot of competition from wholemeal items and beverages. Bread, coffee, eggs, and other traditional breakfast items are still widely consumed in households. In the wake of health- consciousness, more people are turning to wholemeal foods, which threatens the cereals industry.


SWOT Analysis


The company has the necessary technology to produce the cereal at a low cost. Additionally, through market research, the firm understands the needs of its customer base, which is health-conscious individuals. All the marketing activities are geared towards shaping the brand as one concerned with providing people with a nutritious breakfast at an affordable cost. The name Nutrienergy is also patented, safeguarding it from any duplication. Equally, it makes the brand unique in the flooded market. The company’s strengths are significantly based on the uniqueness of the brand and low-cost production.


The firm has multiple weaknesses. It is expensive to acquire the raw materials, which still makes the production cost slightly high, compromising the pricing techniques to be used. Further, there is little innovation in the brand. The cereal has no significant nutritional value when compared to rivals. Although highly nutritious, the same quality is available in the market. Additionally, a proper supply chain is yet to be established to ensure that prompt production and distribution is done. There is also inadequate resources to help promote the brand in the market given that it is not popular. The significant weaknesses include expenses, innovation, awareness, and a proper supply chain.


Nutrienergy Cereal has multiple opportunities in the market. Health consciousness among consumers will make the cereal popular as it is nutritious. Additionally, more customers are willing to try out new products. Hence, there is a likely market for the products. A lifestyle change, particularly among urban dwellers means that convenience is key. Nutrienergy Cereal is convenient as it is ready to eat and nutritious. Restaurants are also teaming up with cereal producers to increase their menu options. Hence, Nutrienergy can reach more clients by partnering with restaurants and expand growth. There are numerous opportunities in themarket regarding consumer lifestyle changes.


Nutrienergy faces external threats. There is intense competition from established brands like Kellogg’s and Nestle. Furthermore, there is intensive regulation by the government, which emphasizes on the ingredients used. Although convenient, more people are opting for takeaways due to the morning rush. Nutrienergy still contends with stiff competition and lifestyle changes.



Target Market Analysis

Market segmentation

Psychographic Segmentation. Nutrienergy Cereal targets health-conscious individuals. These people are concerned with consuming nutritious meals beginning with breakfast. Considered the most important meal of the day, the population would be extra cautious of what they ingest in the morning. Nutrienergy focuses on health-conscious individuals.

Geographic Segmentation. The cereal appeals to urban and rural dwellers. Both groups will benefit from the quick preparation process. All the consumer needs to do is add milk and garnishes of their choice and eat. Given the morning rush, the nutritious cereal can be prepared and consumed in under ten minutes. Rural and urban dwellers would be pleased with Nutrienergy Cereal.

Behavioral Segmentation. A majority of households still consumes breakfast. Equally important, a notable section of the population eats cereals. With such patterns, there is a market for Nutrienergy Cereal. Moreover, people prefer little breakfast preparation in the morning, and using two ingredients, cereal, and milk, is pleasant to consumers.

Demographic Segmentation. The cereal is appealing to people of all ages. So long as the person is health-conscious, then the cereal is the best option for them despite their age. Moreover, it is affordable just like other brands, if not cheaper. The cereal has a delicious taste that would please the customers. In fact, this cereal is best for parents to buy their children because it combines nutrition and good taste. Additionally, it can be easily purchased from distribution outlets. The cereal will be available in retail outlets, like supermarkets, which a majority of the population has access to. The cereal is also suitable for males and females as it contains nutrients that benefit both. The superior quality and affordability makes Nutrienergy affordable and appealing to all demographics.

Perceptual Map for Nutrienergy Cereal

Good Taste

The map illustrates the position that Nutrienergy Cereal occupies in comparison to rival cereal brands. The brands used are equally popular in the market and have a substantial market share.





Marketing Mix Analysis


The cereal’s brand name is Nutrienergy Cereal. The name Nutrienergy is a combination of nutrients and energy. The cereal is nutritious given its fruit and supplement composition. The energy comes from wheat, which is a carbohydrate. The simple and telling name details what customers should expect from the cereal. The name is also unique in the market. The brand name is unique and telling to the customers.

Forthwith, the cereal will be primarily made of whole grain wheat and other supplements. The wheat will be roasted and pounded to create flakes that are ready to eat. In addition to the fakes, dried fruit like dates, dried strawberries and apples will be added. Again iron and calcium supplements will be added to the cereal to boost nutritional value. The cereal will include fruits, wheat, and supplements to increase its nutritional value.

The packaging of the cereal is equally vital. The cereals will be packaged from single serving sizes of 40 grams to larger portions of 200 grams, 500 grams, and a family packs of 1 kilo, 1.5 kg, and 2 kg packs. The cereals will be stored in air-tight inner polythene bags for all the cereal sizes and an additional external carton for 200 grams and above for safety. On the back of every package will be a nutritional label to guide consumers. The cereals will be packaged in different portions for affordability and health.

Nutrienergy Cereal will have brand extensions. The firm will produce a gluten-free version of the cereal to meet the needs of celiac patients. There will also add other fruits like dried bananas. The firm will also introduce rice and oat versions of the Nutrienergy Cereal. For added convenience to customers, there will be Nutrienergy Bar, which can be eaten on the go. Brand extensions will focus on incorporating new versions of the cereal.



The product will be sold in retail outlets. The company will supply the retailers with the cereals from the factory. Such outlets include supermarkets and discount stores. These outlets are accessible to nearly the entire USA population. Hence, they will be easily seen. Concerning the location, they should be placed in various places. A stand should be made near the entry of the retail shop. Consequently, the customers will immediately see the brand as they enter the store and possibly buy it. For those that will have missed it at the entryway, the cereals will be placed on the shelf alongside other cereal brands, particularly those that are popular. Customers will likely notice the product because it is new in the market. The retail outlets are perfect for distribution because they are visited by an influx of customers regularly.



Rigorous promotional activities will be done in marketing Nutrienergy cereal. There will be sales promotional activities. There will be a 5% discount on the cereal during its first month in the market. Further, customers will be free samples given to customers at the entrance of the retail outlets. The customers purchasing over 1 kg of the cereal will receive the 40-gram pack for free.The cereal will be advertised across multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the company’s website. Posters will also be placed in locations like public notice boards, in the parks, and permitted walls. The television advertisements will air during the watershed period for more viewership.Comparatively, the advertisements will air on radio stations during favorite shows like breakfast shows. Glossy advertisements will also feature in magazines and newspapers. The firm will also launch a health-promotion campaign titled, ‘You are what you eat” in which the participants will purchase the cereals and consume for a month. Those who will report the highest health improvements since taking the cereal will be given a year-long coupon for the cereal. There will also be a slogan that will be associated with the product, “Healthy breakfast, healthy me.” The slogan will be stated in every advertisement or promotional activity. The promotional activities will make the brand popular in the market.


Competitive pricing will be used to sell the product. Witch competitive pricing, the company will be at par with the competitors. Since the industry is already flooded with like items, it will make the brand appear just as good as other cereals. Pricing any lower would create the perception that the product is low-quality, which is not the case. Conversely, giving a high price would make it unappealing as Nutrienergy is not that different from existing brands. Moreover, competitive pricing gives room for price increment. By analyzing the profit margins realized by other firms, it may be more profitable to hike the price to make Nutrienergy more profitable. Similarly, once the clients purchase the cereal and find it unique and better than rivals, it will justify any increment. Competitive pricing will give the cereal an equal field as its competitors in the market.

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