Obligations and Moral Behaviors of Lawyers

Obligations and Moral Behaviors of Lawyers


There is always a debate as to whether the lawyers have a great obligation to behave morally and in a better manner more than other professionals. The legal profession is the oldest profession making lawyers to be parodied as the light on ethics. Ethical ideas are proposals that have been made by the lawyers themselves. While considering the impact that the legal profession has hard on the moral concepts and justice within a state, many lawyers throughout the globe are always adjusting the code of ethics for their countries. Being a member of this profession is therefore different from the other occupations. It is still believed that statistical records in crime are an accurate reflection of the morality taking place within society. The crime records usually show to what extent human behavior can be considered to be ethical or criminal. As a result, the figures in the criminal records mirrors the criminalization of the activities that people get involved in. People from Sweden can legalize activities such as prostitution or selling alcohol within , but then these are seen as crimes in other countries. These activities could be illegal in a country like the united states where people have different opinions on legalization. It is, therefore, the role of the lawyers to ensure that they preserve the laws more than other professionals.

Because of their roles within the society, lawyers have a great obligation to behave morally than other professionals; consequently, those who have criminal records should not continue to practice law within a country.

Ethical roles of lawyers

While considering the ethical roles of lawyers, it is necessary to reflect what the profession itself means. Professionals are people who have intellectual knowledge and interests of the other people especially if they are professional lawyers. Theoretically, lawyers apply the knowledge to benefit other people who are vulnerable and need help. Lawyers have a reputation for having higher ethical obligation than other professionals, especially in this profession. In most cases, the lawyers have to deal with those who have fallen foul of the law or the people who want to benefit from an interpretation of the law differently.There have been several cases where the lawyershave had to make cush difficult decisions (Weiss,1)Because lawyers are responsible for the interpretation of the law, they are expected to leave according to the demands of the law. We are also expected to show the experiences of selling thing the conflict between the clients and also maintaining the public interest. Layers who are within the developing countries fix more challenges than the lawyers who come from developed or underdeveloped countries. Several strategies have been used to assist the private sector has to combat corruption. Many people are concerned about corruption within the judiciary system. As a result, the participants who are also showing corruption and bureaucracies should be allowed to practice the law that they believeshould be practiced and preserved to the latter.



In conclusion, I believe that lawyers have a greater obligation to behave morally than all the other professionals. This is because they have an obligation based on the laws that they have contributed to the writing. Criminal records show a reflection of the morality of an individual. The crime records and statistics is, therefore, an accurate representation of those who practice law. What is considered criminal of every element of the law and should be taken into consideration with a lawyer. It is this reason therefore that a lawyer should not be allowed to serve if they have a criminal record which shows that they are not fit enough to represent the society and represent the interests of the public. This will have criminal records on corruption, and other crimes that affect the society as a whole should not represent the same cases in the court.

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