Once More to the Lake

White: Once More to the Lake (1939)

The story “Once More to the Lake” by White a personal story as it takes the form of an autobiography. The author provides a recount of experiences encountered by the American society for generations. The setting of the story being summer a time when schools are closed, thus a popular time to take a vacation and escape from the city to the lake region where temperatures are “more” bearable.  In this particular case, the author’s plot is at the Great Pond, one among the many that are collectively termed as the Belgrade Lakes.

White’s themes in this particular text are personal hence focusing on time and changes associated with time. White has been to the lake on numerous occasions, and on this particular one, he is visiting the lake with Joe, his son. White highlights the changes at the lake since his previous visit which was many years back. As White struggles to adapt to the changes of the lake, he reflects about his childhood and his present existence. White notes the changes that he has endured over the years. The essence of the lake is intact but White being human has changed and started to accept the irony of life. White begins to recognize the natural order of human life namely birth, childhood, maturity and eventually death. White is bothered that he too is on the path to death. At this point, compares his childhood memories to his current experiences now that he is an adult and is with his son at the lake. White is detailed in his description of the differences, and it may appear that he is describing two different places. White describes everything at the location enabling the audience to develop an image in their mind. The intricate details are so specific that one can see an image of the place and feel White’s experiences, thus illustrating his mastery as an author.

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