One Hundred Years of Solitude: Theme of Love

In the novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, the author has discussed several themes all with the intention of showing their impact on society. One major theme that has cut across the novel is the theme of love. Love and lust are seen to be entangled in each other and can only be differentiated after an in-depth analysis of the book. Familial love, especially between siblings and parents has been confused with sexual love. The novel shows how husbands and wives have developed almost no sexual chemistry with each other as they strive to satisfy their sexual needs with other partners. In the same note, the parentage of many characters is kept a secret and thus creating a question on whether real love is existent. Incest has been recorded in the novel owing to the many secrets about parentage that have not been discussed (Summaries, 2016). The complicated situations touching on love have been caused by lack of dedication by the characters to building strong love and adhering to the social norms. There are many mistakes that have been done in the arena of love and this could only be prevented if the characters were open about love and on who they really have a relationship with (Summaries, 2016).

The Buendia family is entangled in a complicated situation as for them they are afraid of promoting love between close family members. It is a huge struggle as their ancestors had experienced these (S

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