Online business has been around for quite some time however not many non-sale oriented companies have adopted it. Online business has been regarded as a sales oriented program that is usually used by retailers to increase their sales. However with our customer’s culture shifting towards the trend, it is the high time that the company adopted the trend. The adoption of the online sales to home and overseas customers program will have a major impact on the company’s operations and future. The program will involve a number of adjustments on the company’s operations and branding as the online sales products will be uniquely branded and packaged so as to cope with the competition.

Project Layout

Introduction of the online sales platform will involve the introduction of a new department that will be solely focused on online marketing. The main reason behind this being the need for a 24 hours sales personnel to facilitate sales through direct customer service and the fact that it is a new introduction to the company that needs close monitoring. The products will also be uniquely branded so as to keep up with the high level of competition in the online platform. This will involve close coordination with the production department so as to come up with a product that will fit the market requirement. The most important component in the success of online marketing will be operations management.

The goal of the project is to take advantage of the large customer base that online marketing provides as well as to develop a customer base that does not rely on retailers who can sometimes be inefficient in getting help or offer services. Online marketing will not only be a new selling experience but also a whole new product development platform whereby customer’s feedback will be used as the basis of developing new and better products. Furthermore the platform will give the company international customer base which is actually the goal of any local business.  The power of online marketing is unimaginable; take for instance Red planet Guitars. Through e-marketing the company generated so much traffic on their site which in return led to increased sales and they actually had to open a shop due to their popularity so as to develop a personal attachment with the customers.

The online-marketing platform will not only be a sales platform but will also be the basis of creating customer loyalty. Through direct contact with the company’s professionals the customers will get the best output of the products which is a major advantage for the company. The platform also provides an opportunity for the company to measure the impact of its marketing campaigns as well as targeting specific segments of the market. Moreover once the sales pick, this will be a platform for making abnormal profits.

Operational Management

Operations management which is commonly defined as the science and art of ensuring that goods and services are produced and delivered to the consumers will be the back bone of the entire program (Collier & Evans, 2012). This will be the difference between satisfied customers and unhappy customers which will have a direct impact on the project. Operations management will be the role of each member of the Online marketing department that will be representing the department in the production, purchasing, inventory and quality management department. Moreover this process will help in translating consumer feedback into designs, coordination of resources and operations, determine resource capacity and schedule, creating a high performance environment and conti

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