Operations management decisions on location and human resource

Operations management decisions on location and human resource


Facility location refers to the identification of the best geographical site where the firm can operate. The managers of food manufacturing companies have to weigh out all the factors before settling on the place that is desirable including the customers, labors and the transport cost (Ogunyomi, and Bruning, 2016). Movement of goods and service internally and those that go to the customers together with the roles played by the public relations and marketing projects have to be considered before settling on the locations of choice. For shake shark, the decision on location has a role to play in marketing and public relations. This is because it depends entirely on the customers and the number of people who will use the goods (Weller,  Hymer, Nyberg, and  Ebert, 2019). This means that the company has to have the best choice of location that can allow goods to move from one place to another. The decision of area operation management is a huge consideration because the customers have to come and consume the goods from the supply chain store.

As a consequence of their location strategy, the management of the company has decided to make locations such as stadiums and places that are close to sports arenas where they can access the customers. As

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