Opioid Epidemic

An opioid is a dangerous drug that has been misused in the USA. It has claimed the lives of manyindividuals due to overdose and is, therefore, becoming an epidemic for the country. Many efforts have been established to reduce the rate of death in society. Its sale has been restricted to medical use only. However, many individuals still access the drug; therefore continue to raise the concerns of stakeholders and the legislators.

October 04, 2018, Congress passed bipartisan legislation on an opioid. The bill wasreferred to as SubstanceUse disorder prevention. Itpromoted the recovery and treatment of opioid victims. The act was passed by the house onSeptember28th and is yet to be signed into law by president Trump. The key prevention bill involvedauthorizingthe morefunding of the medical professionals. The exciting central part that covers the opioid is the establishment of alternative pain killer therapies and providesa convenient way of the consumers’ disposal of the available drug. This bill is, therefore, meat to control the rate of the drug consumptions in the USA

Issues surrounding the topic

Opioidconsumption has both economic and social effect. Its addiction is straightforward since most individuals find themselves addicted even though they do not intend. Social use implies the increasing death rates that affect communities due to the drug. It is for this reason that efforts have been made to reduce its production. Thereduced output has economy m9ic implicating to pharmaceutical industries which are motivated by profit making. Therefore, there is a dilemma on the production of the drug and whether to be restricted is production n and affect the industry, if whether to allow the deaths to continue happening due to the misuse and overdose hat occur from the drug use. Its demand for pain relief is stillworrying.

The stakeholders

There is a long chain of stakeholders in the use and production of the opioid drug in the USA. The first one is the producer, of the drug who willexperience economic losses as a result of the implementation of the restriction policies on the drug use.  The nurses are the second stakeholders who administer such drug o the patients and become their role to give the drug that does not overdose the patients. Patients and the entire citizens of America are likely toget a prescription on the medication as a pain reliever. Therefore it becomes the responsibility of the   Congress to take an active role in harmonizing the different interest groups.

The implication of the policy to issues to nursing

The fact that nursing play a critical role in ensuring proper care for patient make it a central area of focus. The system implemented there will be a crisis on the pain relieving agent that will be used by the nursing community to take care of the patients. The restriction and the replacement of the drug with pain-relieving other medicines may not be valid, therefore affect the efficacy of the nursing community.The limit will as well increase the complication during surgeries as well as promote inefficient treatment for the cancer patient. Therefore there has to be a thorough consideration before e the bill passed by the Congress is signed to law to avoid the various effects.

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