Organizational Behavior: Change and Innovation

Organizational Behavior: Change and Innovation

Drivers of Change

Change is a vital aspect of every company. These changes can either be internal or external. Usually, many factors drive transformation in an organization. Downsizing is one of them, and it is the one that has been around for a long time. This is a force employed when an organization intends to cut the cost of operation, and it involves the reduction of the number of employees. This model is also used when an organization has merged up with another firm. While this can be seen as an expansion that would instead bring more employment opportunities, the contrary is always right in that a merger means that there could be a duplication of roles. For instance, a human resource manager from one of the companies that came together has to be retrenched for one of the managers to remain.

Information technology is another factor that drives organizational change in that it has brought about efficiency in operations while, at the same time, has been responsible for the job loss of many people. Mechanization of a company's services means that the person responsible for the work taken over by the machines will lose their jobs and will be replaced by the computerized equipment. While this may be true, this technology may also create more job opportunities. For instance, software engineers will be employed to manage institutions’ databases and machines. This is a post that would not have been there if information technology was absent. The use of the Internet has also improved the way that organizations do their businesses since it has created a market place for its products while, at the same time, has enhanced interactions between institutions.

Politics is also another driver of change in an organization. A firm may need to initiate change based on the political environment that it is working in. For instance, politics around global warming may be a fa

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