Organizational Communication for Leaders


While working and leading teams, communication is considered a very crucial tool for success. In the film 12 Angry Men, many of the cons and pros of a group communicated are indicated. The movie talks about 12 jurors who came together in a round table to determine whether a boy is guilty of murdering his father. All pieces of evidence seem against the young boy. The jurors and it turns out that 11 jurors support that the boy is guilty. Juror 8 comes out as the only person who feels that the boy is innocent. He tries to convince the others jurors to reexamine the evidence because he thinks that the boy is innocent. A predominant theme of communication in the movie is as a result of the impact that personality have on how individuals communicate with others. Holding onto your ethical principles when entirely in the minority can be very difficult. Some of the members of the team are wise and empathetic while others are blind and arrogant. As indicated by juror 8, being a minority can be a great challenge, but with character traits with a profound influence on the interaction among the jury members, he was able to convince the remaining jurors to change their opinion. It is challenging because of the struggles in communication. When juror eight was trying to communicate his view, the other team members thought that he was out of his senses. He was the only person among the 12 that went against the unanimous vote. Even though he finally managed to convince the 11 jurors, it was difficult for Juror 8 to relay his message. No one wanted to believe he is right. When in the minority, your opinions or views may be right, but because of your state, none would want to believe you.


Part Two

Groupthink is a situation where a group of people comes together to think collectively with one mind. In a groupthink, the members are focused on maintaining unity than objectively assessing their situation, options available, and the possible alternatives. An example of groupthink actions is the Bay of Pigs invasion. This is where the Eisenhower administration organized an attack but implemented by the Kennedy administration without further examination or effectively thinking about the same when they took over the office (JFK in History, n.d.). The administration did not consider various questions and accepted the stereotypes regarding the Cubans without considering whether the information from the Central Intelligence Agency made sense. This action resulted from a group think as the Cubans strive for consensus within a group. The desires for conformity and harmony within the group led in an irrational and dysfunctional decision making. The disaster at the Bay of Pigs lasted for long in the Kennedy administration. It was a failed invasion as a result of lack of effective thinking and decision making.



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