Parents in the Family

A family comprises of a mother, father, and children. Single parent families may have one parent and a few children. In each family, every person plays a given role. Parents train their kids to be responsible for people when they grow. In many times, the parents are out of the house. They are either at work or looking for a living for the family. Also, children are always in school for studies. In some families, there are nannies or helpers employed to assist in doing household chores. Some of these tasks include cooking, washing, as well as cleaning the compound. However, it is the responsibility of the parents to train their kids in a manner that they get acquainted with the necessary chores. At some point in life, children will separate with their parents for higher education or even when forming their families. At such moments, they are expected to know how to do some basic operations such as cooking and washing. Thus, these things are only learned when someone is young. At the earlier stages, children are expected to be thought by their parents or household some basic chores. When they are of age, they do these things by themselves without any help. Therefore, it is necessary for children to learn how to do household chores for the sake of their future, to reduce idleness, and also to assist their parents when they are tired.

Parents have a lot of responsibilities in keeping their families. They are expected to acquire resources for the education of their children and family sustenance. Therefore, they always get home late and weary. At such moments, the assistance of children is critical. A parent will still be happy to come home and find everything in order, a clean compound and ready food. When such happens, parents get pleased, and they can do anything for their children. Also, as children grow, they can no longer rely on their mothers to cook for them or wash their clothes. Thus, it is necessary that children learn how to do some of the household chores. Others get in trouble when they get to boarding schools, and they cannot wash even their clothes. A child who does the household chores is a responsible one, both at home and away. However, any household chore that is exploitative in a manner that implies child labor should be avoided.


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