Penicillin Antibiotics


Penicillin’s are frequently used as antibiotics. Their primary work is treating and even killing different types of bacterial infections. Some of the diseases caused are meningitis, skins without forgetting pneumonia(Allen et al., 2014).Despite their extensive use, antibiotics pose adverse effects to some people because of being allergic to them. As opposed to people understanding, resistance is linked to the bacteria but not the individuals. Penicillins causes blocking of protein slut which is used in connecting the peptidoglycans(Allen et al., 2014). If this is done, the holes found on the cell walls are prevented from closing and also the entry of the bacteria(Allen et al., 2014). Bacteria die due to allowing much water into them which causes them to burst. In this connection, this paper focuses on giving detailed information concerning penicillin antibiotics. Under this, the following will be tackled;

Benefits of using them, Penicillin Antibiotics

They are administered to patients to help in killing infectious bacteria. Their ability to prevent bacterial enzymes is advantageous as the growth of the cell wall is barred(Allen et al., 2014). Besides, they are useful in giving aid to non-bacterial infectious medical problems, for example, chlamydia associated with expectant mother(Allen et al., 2014). Other treatable problems are leptospirosis and typhoid fever to mention a few.

Disadvantages of using them and the conclusion

Apart from their advantages, they are not suitable for people who have asthma, those having kidney problems, and categories of individuals having blood clot disorders (Allen et al., 2014). Also, they are not in a position to offer treatment of viral infections, for instance, the common cold. Also, they are not safe when taken to control oral birth, and they result in unplanned pregnancy(Allen et al., 2014). Lastly, their overuse decreases the effectiveness of the body thus encouraging the growth of the bacteria(Allen et al., 2014). In summary, individuals should be more careful when taking penicillins due to their adverse effects. I would recommend the use of the prescribed penicillins but not over the counter ones.



Allen, H. K., Trachsel, J., Looft, T., & Casey, T. A. (2014). Finding alternatives to antibiotics. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences1323(1), 91-100.

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