People’s Perceptions

The perception of different types of people is dependent on their internal and external environment. Cultural practices of a more pronounced group of people lead to a general and fixed image of the whole society. However, society has these stereotypical boundaries in regard to age, sex, genetic makeup, and even racial differences (Martynuska, 2016). One of the main parties of concern include women, and mostly the attention lies on their body types. The Latina women in the United States of America are an excellent example of how unique this group’s racially marked female bodies are represented. Their ability to adapt to the music and art culture comes from stereotypes adopted from their genetic makeup.

Latina women have a more complex and pan-ethnic construction which shows a culture of tropicalism. The whole concept brings about homogenous stereotypes such as brown skin, rhythmic musical abilities, and bright colors. The concept of tropicalization leads to Latina women’s bodies looking gorgeous while showing their sexual availability. Their body features such as curvaceous breasts and hips, long brunette hair and clothing lifestyle is therefore accompanied with all this. Thus, in the music and art medium, the hypersexualized tone of Latino Women in the US has been properly welcomed (Martynuska, 2016). Depending on the area of expertise, be it music, modeling acting or any other type of art, directors have found it convenient bringing out a specific character by picking Latina women to play roles in some scripts.  This, therefore, shows how much these personalities are identified and respected within particular groups.

As compared to other body types in the country, Latino racially marked female bodies are positioned as a hybrid species. Transformational identities that this group has is the primary reason as to why they are often seen as highly preferred when taking specific roles in their field of expertise. Through all that crucial figures such as Salma Hayek, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez show how racially marked female body represented from this group of people has been highly appreciated to bringing out the most elegant women actors ever (Paccione, 2014). That, therefore, shows how this particular group of people in the United States of America have received privileges and power within the music and acting world.

The Latino racially marked female beauty elegance and dominance in the music and acting industry is resonated to a couple of other popular cultures. The most common one includes the black female body represented in the sports society.  Black female bodies are perceived to be strong and stereotypic ideas are always in place that these traits give this group a competitive advantage, therefore, increasing their dominance on the respective field (Paccione, 2014). An example includes the tennis champion sisters Serena and Venus Williams. They have been dominant for more than ten years and mostly is associated with the beliefs that being black female athletics gives them a competitive edge.

In conclusion, it is clear that stereotypes have been used to categorize some group of people and, therefore, to associate specific behavior and personality to the whole group.  In a lot of popular cultures, racially marked female bodies are represented in various ways, therefore, showing their dominance in the craft they take. As seen above, Latinos body type help bring about the sexy appealing and thus play a role in showing how dominant they have been used in some scripts and advertisement (Martynuska, 2016). This stereotypical representation of racially marked female bodies shows their supremacy, therefore, bringing about control and power in the specific set.

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