Performance Management

Performance management involves the creation of an environment of work or a particular setting in which individuals are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. It is the full system of practice that commences immediately work is said to be a necessity. It, however, ends when an employee quits working for the said organization. It defines the interaction of the manager and his employees at every step of their working relationship and also in their daily life occurrences. It turns every communication by managers with employees into reasonable lessons that can be made use of even in the future. For an organization to be successful, one of the ingredients it should have the performance management. This essay intends to determine how managers utilize performance management standards in their organization.

First, active managers utilize their performance management by planning their work and setting expectations to their employees. This will enable the employees and all the groups involved to work on a particular goal. As a result, they will channel all their efforts to achieving the goals set by the organization. One mandatory requirement for planning the performances of employees is establishing the necessary elements and the levels of their performance appraisal plans. Elements and standards of production should be flexible so it can be adjusted when need be, rational, equitable, measurable, understandable and achievable. This way,

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