Personal Essay

I am a graduate of Chinese High School, and I completed the Gao Kao (the Chinese version of high school graduation test) in June of this year. I had favorable academic grades during my period at the institution. I have been fascinated by engineering for as long as I can remember. I have attended various engineering exhibitions in different fields of study. Most people in my family have gravitated towards this field in their careers, and maybe this is where I derive my inspiration. While in high school, I just dreaded for the showcasing of science projects. The projects brought me a special kind of joy that seemed to grow with time. The continued fascination is among the reasons that have made me decide to pursue engineering major in UCs at Santa Monica College.

In addition to the fascination with engineering, there are other aspects about Santa Monica College that I find intriguing. Among them is the diversity that is quite prevalent in the institution. It is regarded among the leading community colleges when it comes to the population of international students. The diversity presented in this respect would ensure that I learn a lot from people and have different viewpoints in various things revolving around my life. The college is also located in a vibrant urban area. This might be the reason it attracts quite a number of international students. The impressive academic record at Santa Monica College has also influenced me in joining the institution. It is the leading community college in the state when it comes to transfer of students to the University of Southern California, University of California and other viable campuses. This means that I would have a favorable opportunity of transferring to institutions such as UCLA for further studies.

Apart from the fascination that I derive from engineering, there is another reason that has driven me into seeking this course at Santa Monica College. My family works in a construction business in China. Taking engineering major in UCs would come in handy in my future endeavors as I strive to make the family business to grow. I believe my input will be valuable based on the knowledge that I will gain while in college. The faculty at Santa Monica College has an astounding reputation from the alumni and current students. I am sure they will help me acquire the relevant knowledge and concepts that will help in moving the family business forward.

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