Personal Experience

I have had many past experiences that have shaped my current life. However, there are some that I see as great achievements. I grew up fearing to speak to a large group of people. I even found it difficult to speak to my classmates. As such, I kept wondering how I would develop the courage to stand and address a large group of people without developing shivers. Besides, I was almost finishing middle school, and this meant that I would join high school where public speaking is emphasized. Therefore, it was upon me to struggle to gain the courage to speak before other people.

In my middle school, it was mandatory for all those who were almost getting out of it to develop a project and arrange it in PowerPoint slides so that they can present it before a group of students, teachers, and other guests.  Our project involved selecting a nonprofit organization and writing a thesis on why we chose it, including the idea of helping it raise money and assisting them in performing their activities in our free time. As such, we were supposed to present our projects at the University of San Diego, in front of students, teachers and other important people. Our group had trained for two weeks, and we were ready to present it. Since I had never presented before a crowd, I felt nervous on that day even though we had prepared adequately. As my turn approached, I started preparing myself physically and psychologically to avoid disappointments during the presentation.  I then moved to the presentation platform to begin the presentation. The large group of people waiting to watch and listen to my presentation added more fear in me. Still, I had no other option but to gather courage and present my work. I started talking, and to my amazement, words were flowing correctly. After the presentation, our teachers commented that I had done a good job and that made me feel proud that I had contributed to the success of our group. I take that as a great achievement in my life because it inspires some up to date. Every time I had a presentation I encouraged myself by reflecting to that presentation a San Diego University which was greatly appreciated by teachers and other important people that were present. In short, this achievement really helped me believe in myself and was part of helping me grow up.