Personal Health Assessment

I am a 25year old female with an Egyptian background living a deskbound lifestyle. My diet is majorly composed of Mediterranean. Most of my time I usually spent at home, and I weigh 125 pounds with the height of 5’4. I am spiritually healthy; I do yoga and meditation daily. I have engaged myself in a healthy monogamous relationship which is currently a year old. I was attending Western University in London as I worked part-time in a nearby pharmacy before September 2018 and I was much physically fit. Right now, taking a walk to the malls, museums and exhibitions are the main activities that constitute to my exercise. My ability to maintain social life activity is high, as I have a close relationship with my childhood friends since I was 8, and we communicate daily. I am also involved in politics as I attend protests frequently as well as social services and I also take part in the provincial and federal elections as a voter. I have never engaged in municipal elections while at one time I volunteered ward candidate, participating by making calls to the interested constituents. While I was in Western University, I used to be the VP of the cultural student organizations. I usually volunteer once every month in men’s homeless shelter in London. I always organize charity shoebox drive solely every Christmas to send gifts and necessities to children in impoverished countries, through the Salvation Army. Every winter I buy socks, gloves, and hats to the homeless people in London. I used to stay alone while I was schooling at Western University, but due to my severe anxiety and panic disorder, I changed into an online program and now live with my parents. I have hypotension and anemia, but my white blood cell count, glucose, cholesterol, Vitamin B 12, creatinine, and liver enzymes are in a healthy range. I get medical examination yearly.

My personal self -care and safety is excellent as per the wellness inventory analysis. I am always very keen on the reckless driving, taking tobacco, fastening seat belts, wearing a seat belt while on a motorbike and in checking my cholesterol levels. I always check on these factors to keep myself safe. Maintaining safety is still my desire. I also consider other factors with great keenness such as sleeping for recommended hours and flossing my teeth. I always try to avoid alcoholic substances which may have an effect on my health. I need enough room for improvement on examination of my breast for breast cancer and other risks. I have got excellent environmental conservation skills as I usually take note of the recycling and reuse of products.

I also take effort in encouraging others to conserve the environment. I m a very social person with perfect socializing skills. I do interact with people of different ethnicity and make friends. I also solve conflicts amicably with just and fairness. I need room for improvement in buying foods packed packages that are not environmental friendly. Concerning sexuality, I have a positive relationship with men, and I have an understanding of how sexually transmitted diseases are spread and take keen caution on that. I have the respect of monogamous relationship I engage in and so do to my friends and other people. My interaction with men is excellent, and I have a high opinion on other people with different sexual orientations. I need room for improvement in emotional management; however, I can relax my body without the use of drugs and alcohol. I also learn from my own mistakes and past experiences. When I am annoyed, I occasionally express my feelings in a way that can hurt other people. My good intellectual wellness is also portrayed in my behavior as I am satisfied with my ability to make clear choices for my occupation. I need to improve on the other areas that may be of interest to me. There is a need for improvement in my spirituality. My values always guide me throughout my life as hence the activities I do on leisure time are determined by my values.

I  eat 7 servings of the vegetables and fruits the required when the recommended intake is to be from 7-8 the grains products I do take half the recommended daily intake; 3.32 of the 6-7, milk and products I a daily serving of 2 which is 1.4 below the recommended whereas meat and products I take the required daily serving. I use unsaturated fats daily in the evening. The unsaturated fats are the primary cause of heart diseases such as heart failure, Weber, Martina et al. (2014). In the dietary intake, I have got some inconsistency in the rate at which I consume a specific variety of dishes. Like in the consumption of vegetables where my wellness plan states that often I should be consuming vegetables and wholesome foods. Besides, I also have got an inconsistency in consuming table salt whereas my wellness inventory says that I should not adding salt to my diet on the table. I get victimized in eating the milk and its products that are against my wellness inventory which stated that I should avoid eating. I consume all my calories before 8:00 p.m this is in line with my wellness inventory. I make a snack(s); snickers bar that is against my wellness record. Consistencies occur when I opt not to take a vehicle ride, I also don’t use tobacco products, alcohol, and its products concerning my wellness inventory outline, I also tend to keep check my fatty acids, but then I don’t keep my cholesterol level in check. I drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily that is according to the wellness inventory. I include my diet with cruciferous vegetables. According to Wolf, Pence, et al., (2014), maintaining health is the greatest wealth one can ever acquire. Strengths in the food intake diary are that I tend to uphold the good virtues of health and much more being consistent in most of the foundations of health, this is essence has boosted the morale of anticipating for higher scales that will eventually add value to my health. I need to improve on my awareness of my state by and by; characteristics like my weight I should be very much aware of and thus will help me in setting my scales. I also need to have a broad variety of choices so that I get a more comprehensive platform of choice.


Weight and Shape


=56.75/ (5.4)2


The Body-mass-index below 18.5 is termed as being underweight. The normal BMI ranges from 18.5 to 25.0 an over-weight person have a BMI of 25-30, and over 30 is obese, stated Childs, Chivenna, (2014).

Waist circumference= 28


Waist measurement /hip measurement




WHR = 0.737

The waist-to-hip ratio is an indication of fertility. A healthy waist to hip ratio woman should be below 0.8 and a healthy waist to hip ratio for a male should be 0.9 and below. Waist-to-hip ratio may be used to determine how certain is one likely to develop health complications. It may also signify signs of obesity if the ratio is higher than normal. The Waist-hip ratio may also be used to determine the woman’s attractiveness, Rachele, Jerome et al. (2014).

My weakly work out is slightly not in line with the Canadian guide, since in the guide, both types of exercise, moderate, vigorous and aerobic are supposed to be done. My work out time is quite higher than the advocated period in the guide. The Canadian guide for physical activities recommends the adults of aged 18-64 years to set aside at least 150 minutes to exercise; and this can range from moderate, vigorous to intensive aerobic activities in each week. The muscle and bone strengthening is also advocated to be taken at least twice a week. The exercise is said to prevent diseases such as heart diseases, osteoporosis, and others, Roberson, Lara, et al. (2014).

My total score from the wellness chart is 26, in which a room for improvement is required. The weight lifts are supposed to be included in the exercise; however, it’s missing in my weakly training. The wellness chart and the Canada guide contains similar information on workouts. I always spent quite a good time watching television and movies. In a week it can be approximated to 14 hours, and 8 hours in surfing on social media. In most cases, social media usually take much time of people more than other activities, as stated, Hsu, Williams, et al. 2015. My screen time does not interfere with my exercise schedule due to the commitment I have.

I have got a good state of health summing a total of 387 of the ranges. I am excellent in environmental awareness and emotional awareness and sexuality and self-care and safety, am good at mental wellness and have got a vast room of improvement running from the physical activity, nutrition, social awareness, occupational wellness, spirituality and values, and emotional management. I need to improve on the physical activity to boost my skeleton-muscle and make my body stronger for the routine duty. I also need to manage my emotion so well because it is the mind that guides the spectrum of your day; this will enable me to make it more proper for good health. My nutrition levels also need to be more established without compromises; I should follow the wellness inventory plan.


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