Personal Statement Example

Reflecting on the history of colonialism and Maumau rebellion in Kenya, I recognized that this period was the epiphany of brutality and struggle that led to death and confinement of thousands of Kenyans. Despite the effort of freedom activists, I have watched in despair as Black Americans face profound social and economic disparities which have been reinforced by the countries rules. Police brutality and disenfranchisement of Black Americans has become a significant challenge which Africans living in diaspora have to live, and to them, the idea of home has become unclear. Nonetheless, I find the situation in the home country is more devastating due to corruption given to the extent that citizens have to pay bribes to get things done. The feeling of desperation and confusion is a state that has become a defining facet for African Americans as they fight for survival. Therefore, it is this struggle that has sparked my interest of and curiosity of studying law to uphold the fundamental rights of Black Americans.

My motivation to pursue a course in political science and finance during my undergraduate stemmed after my grandfather died from a surgical site infection which I believed to have resulted from the hospital’s corruption. I felt hopeless, and I had a firsthand experience of how it feels to lose a loved one because of institutional mismanagement and corruption. The feeling of how I would have been resourceful in advocating for my grandfather’s rights created in me a sense of purpose to pursue political science and finance, and it has been the source of my inspiration

My personal goal is to be at the forefront in advocating for patient’s safety by governing the administration of medical services while my professional goal is to become a lawyer in health and business field. Furthermore, it is the aspiration to obtain the capability of overseeing and managing various projects in hospitals, eliminating costs while at the same time enhance vertical integration system that has motivated me to pursue the course. Being an average employee is not satisfying, and thus I desire to delve myself entirely into health and business daily operations and oversee organizational projects to ensure that they are free of corruption. I suppose that by furthering my education, I will be in a better position of acquiring the appropriate skills which will enable me to meet my ambitions of becoming a lawyer in health and business field.

My work experience at Applied Medical leadership and as an intern at the Inland Economic Partnership has sufficiently prepared me for the program.

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