Personal Values

Personality values refer to the guiding principles that are important to a person. These ultimate beliefs dominate an individual’s behavior and help them to distinguish between right and wrong. Additionally, the characteristics that are inspired by personality values motivate and guide a person in regards to decision-making as they pursue their dreams.

One of my most crucial personality value is honesty. I believe in being honest in every situation. Therefore,I often feel disappointed whenever I am denied the opportunity to speak my mind. Indeed, there are various reasons for which being honest is essential to me. First, the upholding of this fundamental principle helps me to cherish my relationships and care genuinely about trust. Moreover, being honest motivates my willingness to do my best and welcome the consequences of my actions. Most importantly, the drive to stay honest compels me to value my opinions, respect others by telling them the truth, and build a solid reputation.

Besides honesty, I value kindness. Simply defined, kindness means being selfless. In particular, this personality value establishes an individual’s ability to empathize with those around him/her and prioritize their needs instead of his/her own. For example, I always grab opportunities to assist other people because I believe that all humans must try to live their lives with compassion. This virtue is crucial to me because it encourages to dedicate my time and resources to worthy individuals and causes.

Moreover, dependability is another essential value that I pursue. Like most trustworthy people, I treasure the virtue of reliability because it allows me to discharge my obligations by being reliable. For example, I respect my word and ensures that whenever I say something, I must do it. This quality enables me to win the trust of other people by proving myself accountable to them.

In addition to honesty, kindness, and dependability, love is equally important. First, I believe that we all exist because of love. Therefore, without love, humanity will be inexistent. For example, I like to demonstrate love to other people to creates within them, the feelings that initiate positive energy. Additionally, love bridges discouraged hearts, revive hopes, and make us realize why we need one another. It also connects and keeps me close to other humans.

The final personalityvalue, which I esteem is integrity. I believe that to live with integrity is live with virtue. By extension, integrity connotes virtuous and positive characteristics including truthfulness, honesty, rightfulness, and straightforwardness. Thus, this personality value is the antithesis of cheating, lying, and exaggerating. It helps me stick to doing the right thing at all times and keep my promises no matter the situation.

  1. Goal setting is fundamental for short-term and long-term success. It allows students to work hard to achieve their dreams and remain accountable for their actions. As an MBA student, I have several goals for my achievement. First, I would like to continue my MBA studies. I hope to learn and gain as much experienceas possible in my major. Once I graduate, I plan to join a well-grown organization where I will have the opportunity to work hard and climb to reach the top of the ladder.

However, to achieve these goals, I will employ various strategies. For example, I will make use of the college staff and university services to attain my academic objectives on time. Additionally, I have a plan to network with many senior MBA professionals who will help me in making my career moves. Moreover, I will be a productive, dependable, honest, and trustworthy employee. Thus, by displaying these characteristics, I will be able to win the trust of my employers and subsequentlywin a leadership position.

  1. Upholding integrity and honesty during my college years is critical for my development in regards to professional ethics in the working environment. For example, as a student, I understand that my academic success is dependent on the level of integrity, which I demonstrate throughout my studies. Integrity, in itself, encompasses both trust and honesty as it refers to “the quality of having strong moral values by staying honest.”

First, during my college life, I continually learn to act with integrity. The reason is that colleges train students to adhere to the academic code of ethics strictly. In the process, one learns to develop incorruptibility and trustworthiness. I believe that these characteristics, which are associated with integrity and honesty, will be critical during my professional life. For example, they will aid my effort toward becoming the best person for people to interact with at a workplace.

Moreover, integrity and honesty during my college years are vital for me to experience the advantages of being truthful, honest, and trustworthy as well as the disadvantages attached to being dishonest. For example, I have witnessed a few practical problems, which may result in the academic and professional arena when one acts dishonestly. Some students, for instance, have suffered suspension or even expulsion from the university due to academic dishonesty. The occurrences have been valuable lessons to me regarding the dangers of violating the principles of integrity and ethical conduct. Therefore, having managed to develop high standards of integrity and ethics during my university life, I am confident in my ability to transfer these values to my professional life.

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