Persuasive Essay on South Park Film

Persuasive Essay on South Park Film

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

South Park entails a combination of three film genres as it is considered as an animated film, a musical film incorporating song and dance and also a comedy film. The movie was released in two countries: Canada and the United States of America in the year 1999. It has attained several positive reviews due to its brilliant way of presentation. This is evident as the film was nominated in the academy award for containing the best song. The film, “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut” is a factual illustration of carnivalesque imagery as the whole movie is fundamentally controversy existing between parents and their children due to the functionality of the projection of the film toward fun and substantial roles in every way possible.

According to the South Park movie children tend to incorporate carnivalesque imagery as they acknowledge defiance and degrade all ethical regulations that they should be learning in institutions the stereotype among the children is that they have to experience valuable lessons which will aid them in the definition of life and help them to shape their future. South Park film majorly destroys the lessons, and the children in the movie degrade authority personnel such as teachers, principals, and officials working in the government. An example is Cartman is seen disobeying the authority personnel in the movie while sitting in the class. The teacher asks Cartman a question but he is despised and cursed despite having the moral authority (Parker, 1999).

This occurrence forces the teacher to refer Cartman to the principal who is of no exemption as Cartman also curses him. Adult figures in the film are amazed at how children are full of defiance and bad traits. Regardless of the authorities, children show attributes of being defiant and intolerable. Although the adults are surprised by negative characteristics among the children, they have nothing to do over the matter. The adult has tried to succeed this in vain, but their efforts do not result in any positivity due to lack of appropriate knowledge and methodology in solving the issue. This thus brings a sense of humor in the film.

South Park film is a progressive movie due to its ability to explore various grounds in a playful and silly manner by mocking the values and formalities of film belonging to children. It starts with a character being projected as a singer as he approached the town, the singer wonders how people treat each other. It is normal for people in the town being rude and do not treat each other with love and care. However, at the end of the film, everybody in the city joins the chorus; thus the song continues being quiet across the town. Moreover, it is ironic that the film is projected as a children’s movie but later changes course to a social video where people face a hard time in associating with each other, children being born and thrown out to the dustbins and men are seen lying on the roadsides while drunk (Parker, 1999). This images projected by the movie tends to mock the usual innocence that exists in children films.

South Park film incorporates the Hollywood musicals in acknowledgment of American ideologies such as the incorporation of romance and ambition in the movie which applies ethos and pathos toward engaging viewers. The musical element in the film brings about humor by use of songs such as the “Blame Canada”  (Parker, 1999), which tend to remove any sense all the necessary seriousness. The comedy applied in this movie is non-stop thus enabling the viewers to attach themselves to it. There are also politically incorrect jokes such as the mentioning of Satan and Saddam Hussein being gay characters bring about great humor which makes the film full of laughs from the beginning to the end.

The film is thus worth watching due to the incorporation of viewers engagement toward the main concepts in the movie. The emotional attachment incorporated is excellently used in the film as the viewers can easily identify themselves with the real message portrayed in the film traits such as disobedience defiance and homosexuality are real-life situations. This engages viewers in the acknowledgment of them engaging directly to the central projections in the film. The movie meets all the requirements of an effective and appropriate film toward viewer satisfaction. The rationale behind this is rhetoric review and soap analysis which engage the viewer to identify with the film appropriately. The soundtracks used in the film are appropriate to the graphic style used to bring a sense of humor and fun. The song lyrics used in the movie are clever and definite. I find the film as a creative piece due to its incorporation of various styles to enhance flow and presentation by the viewer. The film enables viewers to judge and differentiate good from evil while creating humor toward everyone such as in the various religious elements. The scriptwriter of the film generalize this for the essence of avoiding public outcry regarding the movie.



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