Philosophy of Science

Question One

The manifest and scientific images are idealizations of different conceptual frameworks. The concept of the two models addresses a critical concern in philosophy. It entails the dualistic character of human reality represented as images of the same order of complexity. A manifest image is a central object that does not comprise of invisible entities. It is a refined version of an original picture. Thus, a scientific model is an idealization of the visible image. It is a result of scientific theorizing. While the scientific image, which entails concrete representation, has occurred recently, the manifest image took shape early on in pre-history.

Question Two

Logical empiricism is a theory that perceives scientific knowledge as the only meaningful kind of expertise. It advocated for the perception of all human experience from a rational or scientific foundation. The framework thrives on the claim that only scientific knowledge is factual. Thus, it regards metaphysics as components that lack meaning. Philosophers who supported empiricism shared a concern for scientific methodology and science’s vital role in remodeling society. The theory faces problems in the verification of propositions. Challenges arise when there is a need to address issues such as claims about the world from either a scientific or a mystical perspective.

Question Three

The idea that observation is theory-laden implies that observations made through sense perception contain a set of preconceived thoughts. The views occur before one sees, smells, or touches an item. An individual observes a phenomenon based on certain expectations. Anticipation about the concept in observation arises due to various factors. Some significant aspects that influence one’s perspective are personal experiences, cultural beliefs, and training. The idea implies that a person selects what and how to observe an object. Thus, personal views and background influences determine the outcomes for items under observation.

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