Plant Derived Medicines

Plant Derived Medicines

The Ecology Society of America 1997 states that 74% of drugs come from plants 18% from fungi, 5% from bacteria and the remaining 3% from vertebrates’ species such as frogs or snakes. Glaziovine is among the 74% of drugs extracted from plants. It is a pro-aporphine alkaloid with neuropharmacological properties, extracted from the leaves of genus Ocotea, species glaziovii (Rungsung, et al. 2015). Studies indicate that Glaziovine has low toxicity in laboratory animals and is endowed with useful antianxiety and tranquilizing properties. The drug’s lack of myorelaxant effects can as well be regarded as a favorable characteristic of Glaziovine. These alkaloids can be formulated into pharmaceutical compositions either as the new crystalline alkaloid, active principle or a non-toxic pharmaceutically acceptable acid addition salt. The preparations can, therefore, be in the form of capsules, tablets, suspensions or Solutions but with appropriate dosage.

Ocotea is a genus of a flowery plant that belongs to the family Lauraceae, highly distributed in areas with high altitudes (subtropical and tropical regions). There are 428 species, and octea glaziovii is just one of the species belonging to these genera. Octea glaziovii is a shrub with adventitious roots and has dark green glossy lauroid leaves with some brown on the underside. The plant has globose fruits that are hard and fleshy with a dark green color that gradually darkens as they mature. Apart from its medicinal use, its fruits are food for some birds and mammals especially in the islands (Maridass & De Britto, 2008). This plant is just an indication that there are many plants out there that we need to know about their importance.


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