Plastics Alternatives

Plastics Alternatives

Plastics are used for various purposes including industrial packaging, carrier bags as well as in hospitals and farming for different purposes. Manufacturing of plastic materials is expensive leading to a high price of products which require packaging. Also, the increased use of plastics has posed a significant challenge to the environment. The risk is as a result of unrecyclable nature of some of the plastic bags and reluctance of people to reuse most of the bags. People dispose of them anywhere leading to suffocation in animals and children as well as loss of aquatic life.

There are several alternatives to plastic material used for different purposes which can reduce the cost and lower environmental risks. Carrier bags are the most common ones, and they can be made up of material from plants and animals which are cheap with low risk. People can make carrier baskets from animal skins and wool, plant leaves like banana, grass, and glass. Trees can be processed to produce papers for making the bags.  Also, manufacturers can pack some of their products in papers instead of plastic bags. Manufacturers of Bread, electric appliances among others can use papers from trees for packaging.

Carrier and industrial bags made from grass, paper, animal skin, and wool are recyclable compared to plastic materials which easily get destroyed by high temperature. They are therefore cheap since people do not have to buy a carrier bag every time they go shopping. Also, the alternatives are affordable because most of them like glass and animal skin do not require much processing. The materials are environmentally friendly because they do not release harmful gases like plastics when burned. Most of them like wool cannot lead to suffocation and are biodegradable.

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