Plastics in the World as an Ocean Problem

Plastics in the World as an Ocean Problem

Statement of Topic

The topic for this research is “Plastics in the World as an Ocean Problem.” I chose this topic because it examines an emerging issue. Plastics have been a major challenge in oceans, jeopardizing the lives of ocean creatures. The pollution has propelled many creatures to die, an aspect that may lead to the extinction of various species. By exploring the topic, I will come up with ways of reducing the impact of plastics in oceans.

Plastics in the World as an Ocean Problem

In recent times, plastics in the world have become a major ocean issue. People are turning the beautiful oceans into a plastic contaminated body. According to Avio, Gorbi, and Regoli, (2017), a large number of tones of plastics find their way to the ocean, and in the near future, the number of plastics will exceed that of fish. The increment of plastic quantity in the seas can be attributed to people’s plastic addiction and waste mismanagement. Notably, the large swirl of plastic that is physically visible in the ocean represents a small portion of it, as masses of broken-down plastic particles are dumped beneath (Zarfl et al., 2011). The increased quantity of plastics in oceans is associated with numerous negative impacts on ocean creatures and human beings, thereby being a problem.

Ways in Which Plastics are an Ocean problem

            Plastics in the world are problematic to the ocean in various ways. To begin with, plastic garbage in the ocean disrupts the natural ambiance of ocean life. It jeopardizes the whole bio-geo cycle leading to unwanted issues. Plastics threatens the life of ocean creatures, including fish, amphibians, and marine mammals.

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