Plato – The Allegory of the Cave – (The Matrix) Animated

Plato – The Allegory of the Cave – (The Matrix) Animated Watch this animated video to prepare for our discussion of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Bring the following questions as fully answered as you can: What do the following symbolize: The cave, the shackles, the prisoners, the freedman, the shadows, the fire and the sun? What are some caves we’re subject to in the 21st century;include 3 that are societal (applying to most everyone) and 3 personal (our own personal “caves.”)? What are the risks, both personal and societal for remaining in our caves? This is actually the most important part of the prompt, don’t skip it. In addition, be sure to re-read the section in Fiero on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, including the Ideas and Issues box. Answer the following: Name one good and one bad thing to come from a society like The Republic (shared property, no family, etc). What things does Plato argue are the most important for a well-run society? Who should rule and why? What might Plato think of current political candidates?