Other Tests Delineating Cause of Breath Shortness

The tests, which can help in delineating the cause of breath shortness include the following: Electrocardiography test, which would determine whether the flow of blood to the heart is impaired; and blood test for determining if there is a sign of anemia that would cause breath shortness. Additionally, the oxygen test helps in determining oxygen state in the blood to establish whether a shortage of oxygen in the blood would be the cause of the shortness in breath (Rijkers & Rodriguez Gomez, 2017).

Klebsiella Sensitivity to Antibiotics

Klebsiella bacteria are resistant to some antibiotics, and they are mostly believed to be plasma-mediated organisms. As such, it is commonly sensitive to Carbapenemsantibiotics.

Provision or Withholding of Antibiotics on Initial Visit

Antibiotics should be withheld until culture and sensitivity reports are available. Obtaining proper cultures before introducing antibiotics plays a significant role in the care of patients. Being able to identify the offending bacteria will lead to diagnosis, then antimicrobial therapy, and finally prognosis, and this would not just profit the patient through a more definitive and efficient treatment, but it will also aid in controlling the rise of what is known as antibiotic resistance (Bennett, Dolin & Blaser, 2014). The process occurs through the minimization of the use of broad-spectrum agents, whenever possible. Using the wrong antibiotic could lead to prolonged stay in hospitals by patients, and it can as well hurt the prognosis of the patient.

Potential Social Problems

Some of the social problems that are associated with this man’s care and future discharge are poverty, age, as well as his marital status.

Abnormal Liver Enzymes’ Effects on Alcohol Use

The abnormal liver enzymes would tell that this man has for an extended period been using alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption would have been the cause of the abnormal enzymes.  High levels of alcohol consumption increase the risk of liver damage.



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