Political Compass Results

The test made me evaluate my brain capacity of remembering key political figures that shaped world politics in various fields. The test entailed key people that caused changes in various areas around the world in respective and unique fields that they were passionate about. I passed in forty questions out of fifty-seven total questions which are seventy percent. I believe I failed in some questions because I have not researched well enough about world history and the key people that have made history in the world (BUNTEN, 2014). The scores are beneficial to my daily life because I get to understand andappreciate the efforts done by other people to make the world a better place. The results inspire me to put more efforts into my political science studies.

I love politics; therefore, my career in political science enables me to understand politics more. The skills I acquire in political science will help me in making the right decision when I become a political adviser. Studying political science will enable me to understand the politics of my country; hence I will be able to advise the people to make correct political choices (Magstadt, 2017). I will be able to know my rights, and that’s of my community; hence I will not be intimidated by politicians, politicians manipulate people whenever they want certain favors from them. The course will prepare me for myadult life when it comes to electing the right people that will change society for the better.

In conclusion, I have a passion for studying political science in order to understand more about what makes people elect bad leaders. The course will enable me to know people that contributed to the change in the world today. I will be able to understand my rights and make correct decisions when electing leaders.


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BUNTEN, M. (2014). Importance of Political Science: Educate Yourself. Retrieved from https://blog.udemy.com/importance-of-political-science/

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