The Preferred Social Media Platform used to communicate among University Students in Dubai

The Preferred Social Media Platform used to communicate among University Students in Dubai

  1. Introduction

Social media has gained prominence over the years all over the world. The ease of access to the internet has been among the major contributors. Social media platforms are dedicated towards community-based interaction, input, collaboration and content sharing. To some people, it has become difficult to live without social media since it has become part of their daily activities. In United Arad Emirates, over 50% of the population is active on different social media platforms (Dwivedi 2016). People have varying preferences when it comes to choosing these platforms. In UAE the top three most used social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The purpose of the research is to identify the most preferred social media platform used to communicate among university students in Dubai. This requires the collection of data from students attending universities in Dubai. The research questions will include: Which social media platform has been embraced by most University students in Dubai for their communication purposes? What are the reasons that have prompted students to prefer this platform compared to the others that are out there? Will this social media remain viable and appealing to students in the near future? The knowledge gathered while at Murdoch University will prove beneficial while trying to conduct the research. Having written different papers in the past will help in gathering the most appropriate resources. The honours supervisor is the ultimate audience for the research. The tutor will play an exceptional, role in ensuring that the paper is in a favourable condition before it is presented to the honours supervisor. Google Scholar and Murdoch University library portal will be used for conducting secondary research. This will compliment the primary research to help to help come up with conclusive data.

  1. Personal Experience and Perspective

My time at Murdoch University has provided me with the opportunity of refining my research skills. This has been made possible through the assignments that I have encountered in different courses. The assignments have created the need for learning various concepts that have been helpful in finding information on varied topics. I have gained knowledge on the things that I ought to focus on, and the types of resources to use while conducting academic research. Learning how to locate the relevant resources has been made possible by my presence at the University.

However, this is the first time I am indulging in the development of a literature review. This does not ineluctably mean that I am limited in the area of conducting research since I have handled some projects that have helped me grow in this array. A good example is the business plan that I did for Majid Al Futtaim community malls regarding their marketing unit. There was a need for extensive research before the composition of the plan.

  1. Research Topic and Field

The objective of the study is to analyse the preferred social media platform among University students in Dubai for communication purposes. The research will extend in identifying why a particular social platform has gained more prominence in light of other platforms being available.

  1. Locating Research Literature

The references used to develop the literature review have been derived from Google Scholar and find it, which is powered by Murdoch University’s library portal.

  1. Literature Review

Social media entails “web-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information” (Acar 2014). It is more of a collec

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