President Trump and the Democrat Party

President Trump and the Democrat Party

The disagreement between Donald Trump and the democrat party has affected the functioning of various agencies in the United States. Such agencies include homeland security, law enforcement, tax collection, transportation and those that operate parks which are not getting any funds from the federal government(Aljazeera, 2019). As a result, close to four hundred thousands of federal workers will have to stay at home without pay until the deal is reached. With no hope of reaching an agreement, numerous services will be affected, and the economy has to suffer as there will be a reduction in revenue with a subsequent increase in the unemployment rate. Further, the shutdown intensifies the disagreement between Trump who is demanding 5.7 billion dollars to build a border wall between the US and Mexico and the democrat who object the request and have the votes to do so.

I agree with the objection of the Democrats as this is good for the economy which is collapsing. Building a wall to block immigrants is not a wise idea as some of the immigrants are innovative and creative which can help the economy to grow technologically. Again, using 5.7 billion dollars to build a border wall is like a waste of resources as this money could be used in developing some parts of the states which are lagginghind. I disagree with Trump decision as it affects various agencies which are essential for the growth of the economy. The continuous pressure by his government is not vital and should be stopped to ensure that all agencies start functioning. Moreover, his pressure is making the country to go back to the status of great depression which is not right in the current generation.

Due to the large number of votes that the Democrats have, they will win the struggle. As a result, there is no kind of compromise in this war as they will do all they can to ensure that they stop the wall border funding. Even though the White House and congregational leaders have been having negotiations, it remains uncertain whether an agreement will be made(Erica, Damian &John, 2018). As a result, the closure of some federal government agencies will remain for unforeseeable future.

Personally, both parties should negotiate to look way forward on how to make the economy function properly. However, the democrat party should not compromise their stand but instead, make Trump and his party understand their thought on the issue. This will help the economy to grow and ensure that various people who are rendered jobless get their job back. The conflict should end for the peace and development of the country.

In conclusion, the disagreement between Donald Trump and the democrat party have economic and social effects in the state. It destructs the peace as well as reduce the revenue in the country. Further, it leads to an increase in the unemployment rate which is dangerous as the aspiration for the stable government will not be achieved.  The Democrats should press to block the funding of the wall border project as it is not helpful to the economy. It will lead to much loss than gain as some immigrants are creative and can help the economy to grow. The building of the border wall will also block the business entrepreneurs who will affect US participation in international trade. Even though there are negotiations over the same, the Democrats are likely to win as they have numbers.




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