Preventing Corporate Espionage


Industrial espionage refers to the situation whereby one spies another industry for useful techniques that have some economic value (Scott, 2016). Many of these spying activities are done on the competitor grounds where one gets to learn more about their plans, the number of customers how they run their businesses among others. Industrial espionage happens through the use of different channels and methods of obtaining information. Some of the ways that this happens is through the compromising of employees of the said company, monitoring of the activities of the company electronically and the photocopying of files (Easttom, 2012). Employees should be handled in a manner that is friendly to make sure that they remain loyal to the company and at no any time should they release company information to strangers. Asset identification involves the process by which companies declare their wealth including those that they have intellectual capacity over them. This helps in the gaining of their copyright and prevents the instances of industrial espionage.

Preventing Industrial Espionage

Many companies have suffered to different types of industrial espionage fraud where other competitors copy from them without their consent and use that to beat them in the competitive market. One's a competitor gets hold of information about a particular product or service belonging to another company, they duplicate it and produce a similar one, and this can also be termed as ethical fraud (Drahos, 2016). The best and sure way that is recommended by scientists and economists to counter such activities is where the companies are asked to obtain intellectual property of the items that they may feel can be duplicated by competitors. Other methods that can be used to counter the threat of industrial espionage include those of the identification of assets, conducting pieces of training to the employees about awareness among others. With those, the company would be in a secure place from instances of spying.

There are also several measures that are involved in controlling industrial espionage, and physical security is one of them. This involves the organization or company having to account for every item that it possesses and putting up personnel to watch over them. This may involve the setting of surveillance cameras that monitor the entrance and exit to the company's premises. Spies and industrial criminals will, therefore, be detected since they would be

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