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The advertisement is appealing to all ages both young readers and old readers. With the use of everyday language that draws the attention and emotions of the audience who tend to want to know more about Janis brand. Rhetoric in this advertisement tends to lure the expressions of the audience towards the brand. The image of Janis Men’s  Official Shoe can provide a platform for argument due to divergent opinions about the brand. Rhetoric has provided a basis of persuasion to the audience hence influencing different readers to read more about the brand. Through the vital information provided, prospective buyers tend to adhere to the details since they are persuaded by the theme offered by rhetoric in the advert. The general public tends to be influenced by rhetoric to be able to perceive Janis Men’s Official Shoe as a prestigious product in the community hence end up promoting the product. Through heuristics, the audience will be satisfied with Janis Men’s Official Shoe as a successful brand for recognition in the market. The opinions crafted will equip Janis brand with adequate information for the general public to be convinced. The flattery language included in the advertisement could be inducted following the norms and attitude of society to portray a positive brand image. An informative advert in Janis Men’s Shoe enables the audience to be contented with the specifications of the shoe brand under consideration.

The genuine leather makes Janis Men’s Official Shoe an outstanding product in the market. It is guaranteed to have a long last period hence offering longer satisfactory service to men who love genuine leather. The light brown colour of Janis Men’s shoe attracts the casual look that fits well for meetings and other conducive outdoor events. It is crafted with an excellent lizard skin texture that facilitates ultra-grip hence preventing individuals from sliding on slippery floors. This a high notch advantage that buyers should consider when buying leather shoes from shops. Janis Men’s Official Shoe offers comfortable leather lining that ensures you always comfy while walking and this dramatically influences an individual’s attitude. It provides a perfect blend for classics and hence offers lower attention but the ideal view. This provides a perfect trend for those who love unique designs. It is easy to lace up Janis Men’s Official Shoe due to the proper size of the holes included and their varying sizes hence offering an attractive sight. These specifications make Janis Men’s Official shoe one of the best options for casual lovers.

Semiotics enhances brand awareness by creating a positive image and reputation in customers. Through the pictures and symbols involved in advertising, it has enabled sellers to convince different prospective buyers to be attracted to specific commodities. They tend to shift their attention and be satisfied with a particular brand that probably they learned through semiotics. Rhetoric appeals of products are very enticing to consumers. They will be in a dilemma of wanting to be educated more of a particular commodity that they learned through rhetoric appeals that they read at some point. It triggers an internal force among individuals to satisfy some need that has affected them emotionally hence tend to express this by asking sellers. Rhetorical appeals have enabled me to entail certain slogan on Janis Men’s Official Shoes that has an attractive appeal which shifts the attention of the audience towards the shoes. Creating this advertisement needed a confirmative statement that leads to a shift of emotions of the readers. This made me check on the problems of representation to create the correct image of Janis Men’s Official Shoe to the audience.