Print media versus Broadcasting media

There are different forms by which news circulating in the press. Therefore in recent time, there has been more advanced, and various news was spreading medium. The difference is in the delivery of news using different views and frames that gives the reader a chance to evaluate this news. Therefore this article will compare and contrast analysis of two different sources which are online media( internet) and print media (newspapers)

Online media involves using the internet in coverage of events. Therefore the news is posted on an internet site where it can be accessible by different people. For example in addressing war, it will use both pictorials to display and also videos. Print media like newspapers present news in printed form. They try to capture events in writing and pictorial form. For example, they will address the issue of war in the way of an essay and capture the pictures of events taking place.

The two sources are involved in communicating information of interest to different people. They both give the same views of what happened at the event. They inform the reader or the viewer more about what happened in details and the causes of a particular topic in concern. Contrary, the online media requires an internet connection which is not accessible in remote areas. Therefore it’s hard for the illiterate people to access information displayed online as they require gadgets which in operating needs know how skills of the individual. Print media has limited access news as it uses only pictorials and essays to pass some information. Print media also does not favor the visually impaired individuals, and therefore they cannot access this information.

In conclusion, different articles are used to address the same issues just like print media and online media. They both reach to a broader audience, but according to the changing world and more current issues arising, online media is becoming a more commonly used article. This is because information is available in a broader range and more reliable as it has videos and pictorial forms

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