Problem Solving at the Workplace

Conflicts are always present in every organization or workplace. People have different point of views and may end up disagreeing, and this causes problems. Therefore, as a manager problem solving skills are very important to acquire. Solutions ought to be fair and just. This will ensure a better working environment for the employees. Hence, they will be very productive. Different problems have different approaches of which some will work better while others will not because of barriers experienced during problem solving which hinder efficiency.

Problems have different solving techniques. First is negotiation, it is the most common way of solving problems. It happens through communication between the two parties for instance in Wendy's case she will have to have a sit in with the chairman and agree on how to either share the cost of reprinting the shirts or they should increase the shirt prices . It was not possible to make new shirts due to the little time they have. In negotiation approach, it is a one to one talk. In serious cases, each party brings along an attorney. This type of problem solving technique has no particular procedure. Instead, it is according to the terms and conditions set by both parties.

Another problem solving technique is Meditation. In this case, they two disagreeing parties introduce someone who will make peace between them. The mediator is supposed to help them come to an agreement. For example, Wendy and the chairperson can count on the help of the CEO who is going to help them come in to a conclusion on whether the t-shirts will be reprinted, or pric

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