Process Design and Supply Chains

Process design is a vital aspect in operations management. This refers to the process through which an organization aligns all its aspects with interest of satisfying its client’s needs.  It is concerned with the production, plant & equipment and delivery of services and products to its clients. Process design is also very essential in resource control in an organization.

Supply chain is another important aspect ineffective operation in an organization. This implies the attempts by a firm to organize people, activities, information and the necessary resources involved in ensuring that gods and services produced get to the consumer. The chain starts from the supply of raw materials, to work-in- progress until the finished product reach to the customers(Dolgui,Sołdek&Zaikin, 2005). It is the obligation of every company to strive and have an optimal supply chain that will ensure that the lowest costs are incurred.

Supply chain in Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company has been the leading beverage maker in the globe for almost a century. The success of this company can be attributed to its strong brands and its sustainable supply chain which meets the consumer demands. Coca cola has had a good supply chain which has helped the company to have a competitive edge.  The company has a sophisticated supply chain due to the vast nature of the business. However its supply chain management has strived to ensure that the company remains competitive in the beverage sector.

The company produces a syrup concentrate which is then sold to its various bottlers in different parts of the world. Different bottlers have territorial exclusive contracts with the company who then produce the finished products from the syrup. The finished products are packed in cans and bottles which are then sold to retail stores, vending machines, hotels and restaurants. The coca cola Export Corporation holds the exclusive rights of distributing the syrup concentrate to all the bottlers in the globe(Jung, Chen &Jeong, (2007).

The current supply chain of the coca cola company is also known to employ Enterprise Resource Management software. The company is known to use proprietary software known as BASES and modules of SAP to manage the company’s operations in the globe. This software is critical in ensuring that all the vital information regarding the company is communicated to its headquarters. It is also responsible for handling all queries and customer concerns.

Coca cola company supply chain is IT sensitive which has greatly improved the company’s efficiency. The use of software in the supply chain has helped immensely in automation of the company’s functions. The increased adoption of IT has significantly increased speed in the general supplies (Dolgui, Sołdek&Zaikin, 2005). This has been evidenced by the Project Genesys which has enabled CCE’s day to day operations to be harmonized.

AS IS process flow chart

The supply process involves starts from getting the raw materials through manufacturing to ensuring the finished products gets to consumers. The company has a secret formula through which the concentrate syrup is manufactured but mainly from farm products. After manufacturing the syrup, the bottlers are supplied with it from the headquarters and they have the responsibility of the bottling and distributing to retailers(Dolgui, Sołdek&Zaikin, 2005). The retailers ensure that the products get to the consumers.  The following AS IS process flow chart summarizes the whole process.




The supply chain should also be very definite and well outlined to ensure that the supply chain is smooth. This will ensure that the supply process is optimal and cost effective. The ERP systems should also be constantly updated since this will ensure high levels of effectiveness.



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