Profile Analysis

The first dimension in the survey is wanted control with a score of 2. This asserts that in many scenarios, I allow 0ther people to lead me. It portrays me as someone that is unsure of himself and needs to be told what to do from someone else. The second dimension is a wanted control with a score of 3. It shows that even though others easily control me, I am cautious in deciding the kind of people that control me. This is a good trait because it allows one to pick out the best people to show them what to do. The next dimension is a wanted affection with a score of 1. This portrays me as a sentimental person that would always want people around me to act in a friendly manner to me. I like to seek approval from others. The other dimension is a wanted affection with a score of 5 which means that I would not want people to be distant from me except on rare occasions where I would not like people to be close.

The first assessment states that I like it when other people control me which is true about me because I am the kind of person that feels like leadership is stressful and others would instead lead me. However, despite not being comfortable in command, I am very keen on deciding the kind of people that I would like to guide me. I choose the people that lead me to ensure that they have the qualities that I need in a leader. The other dimension is about affection and states that I like it when people around me act in a friendly manner. I would love it if people appreciate what I do and notice my efforts. This, therefore, is a clear reflection of the person that I am. Despite this, there are situations that I need to be alone and do not want people to be concerned about me. When I am stressed by something, I like to be isolated from people and try to make things in order without interference from other people.

At the age of 17, I was employed as an intern in my home town, and I was very excited about the opportunity. The company was a sales company, and it needed salespeople. After working for the firm for over a month, an opening for the sales team leader arose. One day on our daily briefings, the manager called out my name and appointed me as the new team leader. I was so confused, and i felt that i was not ready and I was not comfortable with the idea. Despite my performance as a salesperson being high, I was not sure about being a leader. I approached the manager and respectfully declined the promotion. Left with no better option, the manager told me he was going to appoint Kevin. Knowing the kind of a leader that Kevin could make, I decided to take up the responsibility because I would not have liked him to lead me. This goes to the dimension of wanted control about me and the fact that I do not just allow anybody to lead me.

As I continued to work for the company, the sales rose to hit new highs. I was pleased with the performance of my team, and I felt like I was very successful in what I was doing. However, due to the pressure that I put on my side, many of them did not like the way I lead them. They disapproved of my methods of management. This affected me to the point that I was almost resigning from my position. My boss was happy with the way I was operating, the people around me were not satisfied with the way i was doing things. I then decided to employ a more lenient approach which proved to be a disaster. The performance of the team went down, and my manager was unhappy with what I was doing, but My group on the other side was friendlier to me because I was not so strict. After a few months of low performance, I was relieved of my position to the disappointment of my team. My colleagues wanted to comfort me, but during this time I only wanted to be alone and think through my actions. This case shows the dimension of wanted affection in me.

With my wanted control dimension, it is clear that I am the kind of person that is unsure of themselves. I do not like to be in a position of control and would instead take up orders from someone else. It shows that I have a fear of the unknown and I am scared of taking up new responsibility. This analysis has also shown that I am the kind of person that is more concerned with my image in front of people. It portrays me as someone that could change the way they do things to be approved by others.


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