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One of the disasters that affected my home country is terrorism. It had negative impacts on both the country and the citizens. First, it damaged the reputation of the state as an unsafe place for the tourists. Secondly, it resulted in the loss of many lives; thus, leaving many children to live as orphans. This exposed them to economic hardships because of the support of their parents. Besides, it led to the massive destruction of property and individuals took a long duration before continuing with their normal lives. It also led to trauma among the families and the friends of the affected victims. Most of the people could not forget the memories of the horrific event.


Muslim Mass Pilgrimage Poses Logistical & Planning Challenges

The journal begins by discussing the Hajj which is the highest Muslim gathering across the globe. The author of the article is Kenneth D'Alessandro. It is evident that most accidents occur because of congestion in the area. In this case, such disasters can be controlled through proper

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