Progressivism in the United States

Progressivism in the United States

The progressivism in the United States has been backed up by many things such as liberty, equality, and power. Such factors are significant in all sectors of the country as they help the citizens to work towards making the country grow. In the US all citizens have liberty and power, and they are treated equally to ensure that the environment accepts all the people living there. Progressivism in the United States is achieved through enhancement of the liberty, equality, and exercise of power.

Some years ago, the United States was a land that was inhabited by hunter-gatherer and some little agricultural activities. Due to liberty and equality in the distribution of resources, the country is now the most powerful industrial nation on earth. Many leaders in the US ensures that people are treated equally and all the regions are given resources equitably. This has seen the states to move a milestone ahead of other countries which cannot promote this. Moreover, all citizens are also given liberty to exercise their skills which makes them innovative.

Secondly, the United States has an ever-shifting balance of power which ensures that both the dominant and subordinate groups are given a chance to exercise power. In this regards, all the people of the states work well as they feel that they are part of the nation.  The rotation of power is essential as it allows for inclusivity of all in the developmental projects. Consequently, cases such as strikes will be less as many people are determined to help the government achieve its plans.

Conclusively, progressivism in the United States is backed up by factors such as liberty, equality, and power. All three elements combined give the citizens ways on how to express themselves and ensures that they have the freedom to work in all the states of the nation. All the factors are essential for the growth of any country and should be copied to global development.

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