Project Milestone Two: Analysis of Alphabet Inc.

Project Milestone Two: Analysis of Alphabet Inc.


This paper analyzes Alphabet Inc., a multinational conglomerate whose headquarters are in Mountain View, California. The analysis focuses on the financial and strategic priorities of the firm. Further, the paper explores the non-financial factors that give it an edge over other firms, which it should exploit maximally. The most significant internal risks that Alphabet Inc. grapples with are also stated in the document.


Alphabet Inc. is a successful holding company. With firms like Google and Other Bets, which have multiple products in their profiles, the firm almost operates as a monopoly in the industry (“Reuters,” 2019). With its known brand Google, Alphabet Inc. has outshined its rivals like Apple and Amazon. Success factors like brand popularity, innovation, share sales, and employees make Verizon successful.

Financial and Strategic Priorities

Capitalizing on Local Mobile Search. Local mobile search is anticipated to grow in the future, earning the firm more revenue. Search aided by location is steadily increasing at a rate higher than 50% in 2017 (Sparks, 2018). The growth, according to SundarPichai, the CEO, has encouraged Google to invest in building an experience from which businesses, advertisers, and people will benefit. Local mobile search is among the rapidly growing areas in strategic investment, an aspect that Google plans to capitalize on. Local mobile search is a fast-growing sector that Alphabet will invest in for future benefits.

Selling Shares. Alphabet Inc. has sold off shares to raise finances. Under SundarPichai, the firm sold tens of thousands of shares, which is set to happen until March 2019. The sale began in January with the average cost of a share being 1086.33 dollars (Insider, 2019). After that, the stock price declined by 0.49%. By February, 10,000 stocks were selling at 1023.13. In March 2019, the Chief Accounting Officer is expected to sell 80 shares of GOOG at an average cost of 1041 dollars. The firm is selling its shares to the public to raise more funds for its operations.

Google’s Investment Plans. Through Google, the firm has invested in multiple ventures. Google has partaken in ventures like artificial intelligence, direct corporat

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